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Our current leflets are now FREE.

Our current leflets are now FREE.

By on Nov 7, 2014 in blog | 0 comments

We have, regrettably, decided to abandon distribution of the remaining 180,000 flyers and re-design the leaflet from scratch.


That’s £3500 down the drain but lesson learned. Get a printer who can actually proof read properly and don’t rush into things. Due to 4 typos on the leaflet we had to withdraw them and are going to destroy most of what remains. A new version will be released in the new year at some stage but we are going to try to get some funding this time. It is a great shame but with such high stakes nothing can be left to chance, and distribution is hugely time-consuming and expensive so we thought it best to make sure we put things right before we re-print and begin a new round of distribution.

Please see full article for how to download the current design (with typos corrected of course) free so you can print it locally.

Read the full article here.



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