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About The Website

What does aim to do?

The aims of the website are as follows:

  1. To be a concise and easy to follow introduction to Climate Engineering, with specific focus on Solar Radiation Management – SRM – that speaks in language you understand, and refrains from overloading you with shocking information or unfounded speculation. Because of the nature of the subject we do speculate but it is carefully considered based on our research and investigations.
  2. Provide basic evidence of the existence of current Solar Radiation Management programs, both from our own research and from others around the globe. We are continually gathering and refining our evidence. Often we state certain things without having published the direct evidence, either for legal reasons or so as not to reveal how we are collecting that evidence.
  3. Present articles by ourselves and others around the world that discuss this subject intelligently and scientifically.
  4. To raise money to launch legal cases against UK airlines involved in current SRM programs.

What are we doing behind the scenes:

  1. Taking legal action against those perpetrating this program. We believe SRM is illegal and dangerous and that those who are involved in it should be prosecuted.
  2. Conducting our own investigation to expose the network of people and organisation involved in current SRM programs, including the distribution network.
  3. Raising awareness in the medical profession about the possible health effects of this program, so doctors and GPs are aware of this, and might be able to identify any unusual trends that might be due to the effects of Climate Engineering
  4. Raising awareness within the airline industry and trying to coax people to speak up about it.
  5. Raising public awareness by means of public protests, making films about SRM and leaflets distribution.
  6. Attending international Climate Engineering conferences to challenge those who we feel ar trying to have SRM officially approved on the back of a perceived climate emergency fostered by false science.
  7. To give a public voice to the majority of sceptical and concerned scientists who are trying to prevent SRM being approved, or who are trying to ensure regulation and public debate on SRM is introduced.
  8. Trying to raise funds for all of the above so we don’t run out of money.
  9. We are also carrying out other research and investigations which we can’t discuss openly as yet.

Please visit our projects page for more detailed information about what we have done to date and what we are planning for this year and the final push over the next year or so.


Who is Look-Up ?

I am essentially one man. An educated, 40-something who works for a London University. I also run a small production company recording events for art houses. I am intelligent, scientifically minded and well-informed, and have worked mostly at the cutting edge of music, fashion and art, so not what most would describe as your average protester or conspiracy theorist; in fact far from it.

Everything you read on this website is written and researched by me personally. I am not a journalist and have very limited time to publish stuff so things are often written in a hurry and yes, there are typos and grammatical errors here and there, but i cannot afford a proof reader and anyway, this is not about impressing you with my writing skills it is about telling you about something massive and deeply disturbing that is unfolding in our skies, so please remember that when reading.

Until April 2013 I had no idea anything untoward was going on in our skies. When I discovered what happening I understood immediately the severity of the implications. I was so disturbed by what I saw that I sold my house soon after to provide the capital to launch this campaign and the website. I also took a year out from my university job and worked full-time investigating this. I refer to Look-Up as we in most pages and articles because I often work with people on many aspects of what I do and because, aside the scientific norm of doing so in publications, I consider this to be a group fight, and we seems appropriate.

I returned to my job in October 2014 and so have less time to dedicate to the research but despite this I think it would be fair to say that I have pieced together a very detailed and complete picture of what is going on in our skies. Our airline industry has been bought by huge global corporations and is being used to control our weather. Nobody asked us, no announcements have been made and no acknowledgement is every provided by those involved. In fact they really don’t want us to even think about this, preferring to fall back on denials, evasion tactics and the corporate mantra: forgiveness is always easier to gain than permission. How dare they !

There is still work to be done in terms of collating and refining evidence to prove SRM is happening in the courts and I am very am busy continuing that work in preparation for the planned legal cases. Then it simply remains to get the airlines and other organisation actively involved into the UK courts.

The last part is the most expensive and most challenging part but I will not be deterred.


Donate and invest in a brighter future for you and your children

Sunshine and the air we breathe is fundamental to our lives, our health and our happiness. No private airline or organisation has the right to block our sunshine and contaminate the air we breathe with potentially harmful chemicals, carbon particulates or plastic micro-fibres.

Selling up and ploughing my money into this campaign may seem drastic to some and has raised many eyebrows I can assure you, but I would rather end up living in a caravan with my son breathing clean air under a big, deep blue sky and warm sun than face the continuation of the current SRM programs and the endless grey and hazy skies and weird weather that they produce. In time, some of you may begin to understand that mentality as you learn more about what is happening in our skies, but until you do then you just have to entrust us to fight on your behalf. Collectively there are some very clever people working on this. They are mostly average people like myself who are simply horrified by what is happening and not prepared to sit back and watch this continue.

If you can’t contribute financially then there are many other way you can help. Please see our section How You Can Help for other ways in which you can help raise awareness about and help eventually stop SRM.


The ultimate goal is legal action

I do a lot of direct campaigning and protests and have recently bought a campaign trailer so as to reach more people, inform them about SRM but sadly I also realised a long time ago that no amount of campaigning will likely stop SRM from happening. There are many individuals and disparate groups investigating and/or raising awareness about this subject and they are dotted about all over the UK and in fact all over the world. As awareness and anger grows, more and more people are looking for ways they can contribute to the efforts to being this madness to an end but no other group or individual is planning, or is in a position, to initiate legal action though.

If we can get the airlines into court then they can no longer ignore our evidence. The law will take its course and hopefully we can bring an end to this illegal and dangerous activity by airlines in our skies.

We have finally, after a 4 year struggle, reached a position where we are confident that we can successfully prosecute those involved and have instructed a new legal firm to launch the cases we have been planning.

These cases will be expensive but what price can one put on sunshine and clean air you need to ask yourselves?


Please visit our projects page for more information on what we are doing and our Donate page to support us financially.

Invest in a brighter future

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Ian Simspon

Founder and Editor,