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Fibrous Smogs are back again

On February 27th 2013 we published the following article on our Facebook page. We predicted terrible smogs coming to the UK, similar to those seen in China. Sure enough later in the spring of 2014 we started to see them. We felt that the ubiquitous smogs in China were nothing to do with industry, and were, in fact, the result of their massive and indeed officially acknowledged weather modification programs.


 Smogs In Beijing

See the image gallery from the original article here

Is the focus on China’s ‘smog’ merely more conditioning to the impending fibrous smog we are to expect here in Europe. The authorities are trying to convince people via social media posts that persistent trails are from aircraft and shorter trails are contrails, whereas we all know, or should by now, that they are ALL trails from aircraft. The shorter ones are the fibres. So is China a sign of things to come? We know they are engineering heavily in China as we have caught countless Chinese planes landing on the Gulf of Guinea picking up the chemicals used in these programs. We also know that the media is a tool of conditioning, and focuses our attention on things they are doing, or plan to do, in order to subtle gain our acceptance. Slowly, slowly, fooly sheepies. It’s not hard really, seeing as we are all so tires, stressed, confused and anxious. With enough gentle encouragement we will accept almost anything right now.

If you can’t see between the lines, just let us do it for you. We have special glasses you know. – continually exposing the world above


September 2014 – more smog in the UK

So below we see some images from the last few days, and we can clearly see similarities with the Chinese smogs.

When we say similarities, we mean the way it looks. This is no industrial pea-souper. The smog is a saturation of the air we breath with tiny polymer plastic fibres from aircraft. This is easily provable at night when you shine a focused light and inspect the air we breath.

Other ways we can know that this is not industrial is that it has no smell. Smell aside, The South West has no industry and very little traffic so that explanation makes no sense. We asked the MET Office and all the lady on the information phone line could say was it was “…just the weather”. Remarkably they seemed somewhat confused when we suggested that unusual weather or atmospheric conditions could not be labelled as just the weather, and are generally the result of something, so could they please explain what exactly is causing these smogs. They couldn’t, but promised to speak to a meteorologists and get more information. We called them back a while later and listen to their ‘explanations’ which, predictably, made no sense at all. We neglected to ask if there had been a smog warning but there seemed to be nothing on the website to that effect.

Listen to the MET Office conversation

If we analyse the conversation and the explanation given, they just don’t add up. The conditions we described were also reported in South Wales and most of central, West and South West England, so we are talking an area of 10s of thousands of square miles. How does a very mild westerly wind create a ubiquitous thick smog? To suggest this is just pollution from London is nonsense. Firstly London is about 180-200 miles from mid Devon/South Wales. The wind speed was stated at 2-3 miles/hr by the MET Office, so any pollution that may have been produced in the morning rush hour would take about 60-100 hours to reach Devon. Medium density smog was seen by 11am so it is physically impossible for that to the be the case. Also even if some pollution had managed to travel that far, how does some normal traffic pollution from London, an area of just 600 square miles, then travel and spread out over an area of up to 40,000 square miles and produce a thick smog. Are we starting to understand? Nonsense, just like everything else we read and are told to explain this phenomenon.

These smogs are caused by ‘pollution’ from aircraft. There is no other viable explanation for the smogs, and strong evidence to suggest that is the case.

Composition of the smog

We know from experience that the smogs consist mainly of tiny polymer fibres. – we think polymer fibres though this has not been confirmed conclusively by lab results yet, but should be very soon.

If you want to look into this yourselves then gather some house dust and look at it under even a cheap microscope and you see huge amounts of tiny curly plastic looking fibres. We will be publishing more in-depth information on these soon, but the point of this post is to wake people up to the fact that actually, we are clearly being lied to. There has been no smog warnings this time, and no Saharan sand excuses, in fact very little has been said, as though we are supposed to accept low visibility, itchy eyes and throats, and ubiquitous smogs as normal now.

Spring smogs

The smogs in April seemed darker and could be explained by this video filmed in March 2014:

This time however, we see just a milky haziness, consistent with our theory about the air being filed with tiny polymer fibres.

We spoke to the Daily Mail about the smokers video and they tried to suggest that planes pumping thick black smoke into our atmosphere was normal, and when we pointed out that it really wasn’t normal they simply said it was not news as far as they were concerned. How strange that anyone could think this was not news, especially when we consider that we are being told we are on the verge of a climate catastrophe due to rising CO2 levels.

Listen to the conversation

The danger of normalisation:

Every month we seem to experience stranger and stranger conditions, and yet people everywhere seem not to question this slow but insidious slide in strangeness, but rather when you point it out to them they simply say, “Oh it’s probably just this or that…” This in itself is extremely worrying. Please remember the milk analogy we devised some time ago:

If your neighbour popped round one day and pointed out to you that your milk was slightly green, and the following day, slightly greener, would you ignore it and continue to drink it on the basis “It’s probably just…”. If your neighbour then suggested you do not drink the milk as it might be harmful in some way, would you retort “Don’t be silly; prove it is harmful or i will continue to drink it”

We think not. Personally we would stop drinking it immediately, and be on the phone to dairy demanding to know WTF is going on ?

So, why are people not reacting to the fact that our skies and air are now so think with  some form of unknown pollution that our eyes itch and water, and out visibility is reduced to just a few miles on some days? Why are we collectively not questioning and freaking out a bout it? We think we now the answers to those questions, but that’s another article entirely,  but in the mean time go and watch a Darren Brown show and you might get some clues. It seems increasingly the case that the more TV people watch, the less they care and question what we see. Tune out, switch on and freak out !

Call the MET Office and demand to know what is going on? 01392  885 680

Call the Daily Mail and demand they ask what is going on ?  020 7938 6000

Call the Guardian and demand they ask what is going on ? 020 3353 2000

Air Pollution and the link to aircraft and premature deaths

Now let’s take a quick look at the link between air pollution and the link to air traffic, and resulting premature deaths in the UK. Below we have a series of maps that show are very strong correlation between air traffic, the smogs in May 2014, and premature deaths due to air pollution. We think this is extremely significant.

We will be presenting this evidence to Downing Street on September 27th 2014, when we hand in our dossier at the end of the Global March Against Climate Engineering 2014.

A great way to see the condition of the air we breath is to look at this video made recently by Airbus. Skip to 2:34:00 to see the test flight and watch. The air is a dirty smoggy mess as it has been all over Europe most of this year, due to the deliberate burning of fossil fuel from a fleet of commercial aircraft.


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