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Contrail research – COSIC and ACCRI

This page is still being developed but has some very useful notes and information


The first and most important point to make here is that though we refer to the term contrail in this article we are not alluding to the fact that these trails are natural. As you all know the entire point of this website is to show they are not natural at all. We do however, refer at times to contrails as if they were all natural simply so we can look at the supposed science that these websites and reports have published claiming to be analysis of those natural contrails, their behaviour and their interaction with our environment.

This is the beginning of an article that will hopefully go some way to demonstrating that there are many organisations and individuals that are well aware that aircraft are now producing contrails that are affecting our weather and climate generally to a level that is completely unacceptable. In this section we need to suspend discussion about whether those trails are natural or not, or whether they are harmful or not other than their effects of blocking sunshine. Here we focus purely on the fact that air traffic is now producing pollution that basically dominates and often defines our weather. The natural/harmful debate becomes almost irrelevant here as we try to show that:

1. Aircraft never used to produce persistent contrails.

2. Modern jet engines, most of which are high-bypass turbofan engines, should not be producing any contrails at all except in very rare and extreme conditions, and certainly not at low altitudes in temperate zones.

3. Most of the aviation and meteorological organisations know this and are trying very hard to deceive the public and try to convince them that what we see in our skies is both natural and that it has always been there. Clearly it is neither.

We try to pick apart the science in these documents to look for fake science, inaccuracies, false aspersions, contradictions and basic untruths so as to attempt to expose complicity in those organisations and the small clique of scientists that are colluding with them in what can only be described as a very large and complex act of subterfuge.

Some will argue that looking for evidence to support our theory rather than simply analysing data and drawing conclusions from those data is unscientific and indicative of confirmation bias, but we respond to this by stating that we know full well that aircraft are currently spraying aerosols into our skies, so there is no case to prove in our minds; this is simply an exercise of looking for more solid evidence to prove it in a court of law which is where we are heading. Obviously we cannot force our opinions upon our readers and we encourage you to start from whatever standpoint you have joined us with. If you then see that we have drawn conclusions unjustly then please do feedback to us. Ultimately we are not scientists so we face an unenviable task. Despite this, we do have a very good understanding of the basic sciences behind what we see, and have manage to figure out some important inconsistencies in this debate overall from attending the events we have and from reading papers and articles on the assorted topics related to meteorology and aviation.

We realise our website could be clearer and more concise, but we hope to be able to summarise everything when we have finally worked out every tiny last detail of this subterfuge and are confident enough to prove it beyond reasonable doubt to all and sundry.

We are getting closer and closer to that point every week, so please stick with us and use your intution. Ultimately the entire debate can be summarised thus:

Planes never used to leave trails in the sky and they should not be doing so now. When we then see images such as the one below then it becomes pretty clear, even to the uninformed public, that something is very wrong, something big is going on, and that we are being lied to.

The basic arguments for and against (noteform)

Contrails always existed

Increase in air traffic to blame

conditions for control formation – changing data

Cloud types created by aircraft

Induced cumulus and induced cirrus

retrofitted pipes on Airbus and Boeing among others.

Climate Change causing changes in atmospheric conditions

Aircraft routed over populated areas

Correlations – air routes / health / rainfall / population density

Salter model slide – 5mTons of aerosols causes warming in soviet arctic + increase in storm severity and frequency in Philippines!

High bypass turbofan


Much of the information herein is taken from the Leeds University ICAS Research pages


The following documents have been taken from the ACCRI website so we have copies stored for reference during our investigations.

Impact of Aviation on Climate

Global Modeling of Contrail








Contrails And Induced Cirrus

ACCRI_Report_final Aviation And Chemistry and Transport Processes

Issues And Uncertainties ACCRI_SSWP_IV_Burkhardt