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Cambridge SRM Science Symposium Reportage

In this short film, well 30 minutes actually, we do the running commentary on the event and also summarise our thoughts and reaction at the end. We had to cut some of the less relevant material, and also we did not make it to the Patents talk for reasons we wont bore you with, but we are determined to try to follow that one up and post both the video of the talk and the associated paper if we can.

Feel free to email us any comments.

Each event we do we learn a little and gain experience on how to penetrate this wall of silence we face. Those behind these programs claim that our presence at these events constitutes public debate. We completely disagree. Our presence is an unwelcome annoyance to them, and despite the superficial pleasantry there is a deep feeling of resentment among the upper echelons of these organisation that we are there and questioning them and what they, but more importantly questioning their science and how they present it to the public. They know we know what they are up to and behind the smiles and jolly ho facade they are worried. Despite this we do the best we can at picking holes in the one-sided debates they hold and the propaganda and skewed science presented to justify the introduction of aerial spraying, which is essentially what this entire movement is about. These people are desperate to convince the world to let them spray chemicals into our skies.


We went in quite carefully on this event, but we fully intend to hold discussion with our readers and followers soon and talk about what to say and ask at Berlin. We intend to go in much more directly there, but it is important to be prepared and have factual evidence behind us when we do, and sadly we were not adequately prepared prior to this event.

Despite this, every little helps. We presented out evidence, albeit briefly, and that is monumentally important. People like David Keith can no longer say they have seen no hard evidence of current aerial spraying because he has now seen our smokers video. He offered no explanation. Indeed many scientists say they can explain things we show them and we accept their invitation to do so, but they never follow it up, preferring to dismiss casually rather than disprove scientifically.

So who is not being scientific then?

We may explain on this when we have the time, but we are busy preparing for the Global March. Please join us if you can to show the world that