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Induced Cumulus only form over land.

This article is still being developed and awaiting more images and information which we hope to upload as soon as we can.


We had to rush this out there in case we lost the footage or simply were no longer around to report it, so hopefully others can follow it up. It is still slightly tenuous as we have limited video evidence to support it but we have noticed this phenomena for about 2 months now and have been watching it over and over so we are very confident we are onto something REALLY BIG !.

This could be a world exclusive, at least in terms of joining certain dots. There are many people out there who have been researching HAARP nad NEXRAD and many have claimed that they are both involved in weather manipulation. We have tried on this site to do a number of things. Firstly we decided to only focus mainly on research we have done ourselves, and secondly to try to stay focused on planes, pipes and trails. We have managed to some extent, and that is the reason we have not reported on either of the above mentioned systems. Also because they did not seem to be directly related, from what we had read, to trails left by aircraft.

That has all changed.

We have stated for a long time that certain flights spray what we refer to as fibres. Tiny plastic fibres that saturate our air on most days and can be seen in vast numbers in house dust everywhere. We have also long suspected these things of being the primary constituent of the fuzzy, induced cumulus we discuss. We have known these clouds are not natural for well over a year now since we realised they formed simultaneously over vast areas, usually around early to mid morning, which is probably why most weather forecasts contain the phrase “becoming cloudy later on”. Until recently though we simply assumed that these fibres were acting as simple condensation nuclei and binding with moisture to form what appears to be a natural cloud, so the process is the same, it is simply a process of giving any available moisture something to bind to.

So what is different? Well, we think the induced Cumulus only form over land. We also have come to the conclusion that some form of RF Antenna system may be being used by the MET Office to control or induce those clouds to form by charging the atmosphere in some way possibly forcing the trillions of tiny fibres to bind with moisture or change in some other way so as to form what we see as small fuzzy cumulus-type clouds. We still don’t really understand the process, but the fact these things appear and disappear at any given coastline is remarkable and highly significant.



The first time we noticed this was in Hastings some time ago. We were watching the coastline and sure enough every cloud reaching the coast – with the wind traveling out to sea – simply disappeared. We then saw this again and again in Devon recently and now finally on our excursion to Brighton we managed to get some good footage of the process firing up very suddenly at the end of a beautiful day of sunshine. Whichever way the wind blows, these ‘clouds’ either form of disappear at the coastline. We have noticed in more remote areas that outcrops may be permanently free of these clouds, which is what led us to conclude that something land-based was part of the equation. If the outcrop is not covered by whatever is doing this, no clouds are able to form.

RF Antennas

It is no secret that the MET Office operate a vast array of RF systems across the UK and indeed they are discussed openly on their website. Many who are looking at these systems in detail have speculated that NEXRAD is actually an active system rather than a passive one, and can induce heavy cloud to form and produce very heavy rainfall. We cannot confirm or deny this, though some of the videos by other campaigners/researchers are quite convincing. What the MET Office have not discussed openly though is a further array of smaller antenna that are spaced every mile or two apart in certain areas of the country, especially… drum roll… coastal areas.


The map above shows all the ‘monitoring’ stations the MET claim to know about but it does not correlate with the positions of the towers we have seen.


We analysed the MET Office’s website and were unable to find any maps that correlate to the positions of antenna we had seen on our extensive travels, so we called them to ask about what these towers were and how they were being used.


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 15.23.44

This image shows one of the many towers that have been installed across the UK, but that seems to be prevalent in coastal areas. We suspect they may be involved in the formation of the induced cumulus clouds that form and disappear at coastlines across the UK


They denied all knowledge of these towers so we are investigating further.

Obviously there will be days when natural Cumulus forms and natural clouds are not scared of the sea, quite the opposite. Traditionally large banks of clouds would form more readily at sea as moisture rises from the surface of the sea and airborne salt acts as a condensation nuclei. These fuzzy little, induced cumulus really don’t like the sea at all though it seems, in fact they seem only to appear over land, at least in the UK but we suspect this situation is likely the same everywhere.

In view of this we might name these cloud-like formation METulus clouds.

Mapping the towers

We plan to launch our map page again eventually when we have time to begin to populate it. On it we will chart the positions of all the towers we see and allow others to send in details and images of them so we can chart the array of these towers across the UK. Though the MET Office denied any knowledge of them, it is possible they are operated by a third party, likely a telecoms company. It should be relatively easy to determine with some investigations into to land registry records etc.

We have very little time at the moment so please keep an eye our for these and tell us what you discover.

Please also keep looking out on the coast to see those fuzzy Cumulus-like clouds form and disappear right before your very eyes.

This is huge and if we can show this is happening everywhere on our coastlines then we have the last piece of the jigsaw in place. The trend recently has been to build up this type of cloud cover and spray the persistent trails over those clouds to conceal the obvious lines across the sky. If they now switch this system off because we have become aware of it, you will see a whole lot more sunshine and a lot more of what goes on up there. Today – 17.8.2015 – there is not a single induced Cumulus in the sky over London. Funny that.




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