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Because this campaign is not active anymore I am quite open about who I am and how you can reach me. I have deleted the secure contact form and just returned to basics. If you have anything you consider confidential then we can just meet in person to discuss it. To be honest, I have given up on anyone ever doing anything about this. I am the only person in the entire UK who made a serious effort to research and expose this. Everybody else just walks around in a nanotech-induced daydream thinking everything is fine. That’s why I stopped spending all my time and vast amounts of money trying to save millions of zombies from their ultimate fate; it was a futile exercise. Until people can break free of the mind control then no amount of evidence, however compelling, is going to make any difference; they will continue to live in what amounts to a real life version of the Truman Show

Despite my seeming cynicism, I am still interested in meeting people who care, want to talk, do something about this or even just understand it in more detail. I don’t know of anyone, not even Dane Wigington, who knows more about this topic than I do. I’m sure that may sound arrogant to some but it’s demonstrably true.

If you don’t get a response that means your calls, or should I say my calls, are being filtered. I will always respond. Keep trying from different numbers and different emails until you succeed. And, yes, that does happen. A lot.

All the best,



email: subs @ supercollider. co. uk