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Black is the new black
How Carbon Black melts ice and causes warming

New evidence explains how SRM is melting Arctic Ice and causing global warming

In 2014 was the first major forum in Europe to report on a new type of trail – black trails. We set about investigating this new phenomenon and produced what is still regarded by most SRM experts across the world as the most conclusive evidence to date that aircraft have been modified to spray substances into the atmosphere during flight.

The image above is taken from our film titled Smokers, for obvious reasons. It shows repeated examples of a dedicated fleet of aircraft mainly Airbus flying around our skies in repeated patterns leaving thick black trails. There is no natural explanation for this and so it is absolutely concrete proof that aircraft are spraying substances unknown into our skies.

Black is the new black

At the time we released the film we speculated that what we were seeing was probably raw diesel being combusted in the hot gases of the exhaust plume of the jet engines. We had held onto that hypothesis right up until now, but with a lingering doubt that the engines used on these aircraft – High Bypass Turbofan jets – would output sufficient hot exhaust to ignite diesel. There was also the problem that diesel does not ignite easily unless under pressure, but we could not think of another explanation, so it endured. Now there is another more suitable explanation.

A research paper titled Weather Modification by Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy  describes the effect that black carbon dust – known commercially as Carbon Black. Incredibly the paper is dated 1974, so people involved in the current programs had had 42 years in which to refine and implement this technology.

Carbon Black is composed of nearly-pure carbon particles in the region of 10 microns. When released into the atmosphere these particles heat the atmosphere. The basic principle is that the dust absorbs solar radiation and releases that heat by conduction to the surrounding air.

This is a very big step forward in our understanding of what is happening in the Climate Engineering programs we are seeing globally. The paper describes not only the effects of the process of releasing this stuff into the atmosphere but even goes on to describe potential uses that correlate directly to the visual evidence from the Arctic.

Black Ice and Arctic melting

As we have reported repeatedly in the past, one of the biggest scaremongering tactics being used in the Global Warming Hoax is the threat of Arctic sea ice. Though it is promoted as a threat with ludicrous stories of sea level rises of 10s of meters across the globe, the reality is that it is actually a goal of the establishment, not a threat. Big business and governments alike have had their beady eyes on mineral deposits in the region for decades so the idea is not new or novel in any way. The problem has been how to melt the ice.


The effect of spraying Carbon Black into the skies over frozen landmass is a double whammy. Firstly the atmosphere is warmed, but the blackening of the ice also results in yet more absorption of solar radiation; as we all know, black absorbs more heat.

It is no wonder then that the Arctic ice is melting and that glaciers are breaking away. There is clearly an element of exaggeration going on in the reporting but the local warming is very real, as is the claim that it is man-made. Made by man, and sprayed by aircraft. The Arctic ice is being melted deliberately.

In this article, we recently reported that the vast amounts of cirrus cloud cover over the arctic were compounding this problem yet further by trapping the heat. The Arctic has 50,000 flights a year travel across it which are producing regular and abundant induced Cirrus cloud cover.

Maybe it is time, as some scientists have suggested, that we impose a no-fly zone across the entire area and Greenland. Then we might see the ice bounce back and increase in volume. It is telling that the Antarctic ice is increasing in volume, probably as a result of the no-fly zone there.

When we also relate these images to the Smokers film, it is now pretty conclusive that aircraft are spraying this stuff over frozen lands in an attempt to warm the environment and melt the ice. This has the twofold benefit of promoting the scare-stories of climatic Armageddon including vastly exaggerated sea level rises, and simultaneously achieving the goals of the International Poli-Comm Mafia to melt the ice and open up the region up to transport and industry. The idea is not new, and the notion that big business and governments might collude to mislead the public so as to achieve and commercial goal is neither new nor unrealistic, and indeed seems increasingly to be the norm these days.

As is often the case, research developed for a constructive purpose can be used for nefarious reasons. In this case the techniques of carbon Black atmospheric heating seems to have been used to melt Arctic Ice as well as to create the illusion of atmospheric warming generally. The more we research and investigate this topic the more we realise the entire Global Warming ideology is a scam. We are being lied to, and in the process our environment is suffering terribly as a result, not to mention our health.

We have not had time to read the paper fully, but wanted to rush this information out before we take a short break. Over the coming 2 weeks and will be reading this document carefully along with some other papers we have found on the subject, and we will update this article or publish a new, more detailed one very soon.

The picture is coming into increasingly sharp focus now as we reveal more and more detail about exactly what is going on in our skies along with hard evidence to back it up.




The paper is 290 pages, but confusingly it appears to a series of repetitions of one paper of 88 pages. More confusingly we see the order in each version mixed up.

The paper was funded by NOAA and NSF research grants.

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