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Global March London

Please join us on the first of this year’s Global March Against Climate Engineering 2015 – London.


A small group of scientists are ignoring all the evidence from the rest of the scientific community, as well as the obvious observable reality, that global warming has not happened. They are trying to foster climate fear, so as to be able to introduce dangerous Climate Engineering programs – basically they want to spray stuff into the sky to block our sunshine.

Obviously this website is of the opinion that these programs are well underway already, but they are not admitted to officially. Due to growing public pressure we feel those few scientists are about to try to introduced so-called official trials to start very soon. They are not going to ask our permission to do so, and there will be no announcements, politicians will simply accept it and they will start to spray our skies with unknown substances. If that happens it will be very hard to stop them. We will have no way of knowing what they are spraying, or any way to inspect the planes that will be used so as to check that they are only spraying what they say they are, and that’s even if they tell us in the first place.

It is imperative that we get out there on the streets and make a stand. If we do not object the authorities may be able to approve those ‘trials’ without our consent simply because we did not object.

We feel this is what is about to happen. The general message from the SRM Symposium which we attended in Cambridge recently was that trials are becoming increasingly necessary due to Climate Change and some suggested they may be introduced very soon. If that happens it will be very hard to stop them and the authorities will be able to explain what we see as trials rather than the reality which is full climate engineering being already very much underway. The fact that our climate has not changed in any significant way for the last 18 years seems to be irrelevant to the small group of interested parties, and therein lies the clue to what is really going on behind this subterfuge.

Ken Caldeira, one of the 2 leading corporate-backed, Climate Engineering scientists, was quoted as saying that “if the US public were told that Climate Engineering was already happening that they would simply accept it, because they had accepted terrorism and other such things.”

Our interpretation of the current situation is that governments are about to admit that Climate Engineering is already happening due to the exponential rise in people who are noticing it and demanding answers, but they will claim they are simply trials and justify them on the ground of the climate emergency that we supposedly face.

So you see the ruse now. They are trying to slip this under the radar of the general public, and once they are officially underway they hope nobody will care. If there are just a few of us protesting they will simply ignore us and continue. If the protests are significant then they may take note and make more of an effort to justify the programs.

It is one day in your life that could change the course of the rest of your life and that of your children. Please make the effort and lets show our government that we know what is going on and that –


At the end of the last march in September 2014 we handed in our dossier of evidence to 10 Downing Street.

2 bound A4 documents of 68 pages each, weighing in at several kilos. 28 days later we asked why we had not had a response and they claim to have lost them !


We are now consulting with lawyers and refining the document so as to make it more legally binding. We will wait for David Cameron to be re-elected, which sadly he will be, and we will deliver Version 2 to him in the first 2 week of his new term. This time we will not let them get away with being sloppy and will ensure that it is read by the PM. At that point we will also deliver the remaining printed copies to assorted ministers for their inspection.


If the document is not acted on then we will have the opportunity to take legal action against Mr. Cameron for failing to act in this matter, which we fully intend to do.

As per usual we will be meeting at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park at 12pm.

There will be 2 hours of public speakers, discussion and leaflet distribution.

March to Downing Street at 2pm to arrive around 3.30.

As always we will have a camera crew and will be filming the event for future publication. By attending you are agreeing to be filmed.

Please also check out the event page on Facebook.

Guidelines for this event:

Please ensure all banners only use the following terms Climate Engineering, Geo-engineering, Weather Modification or other similar variants. We do not want to be associated in any way with the word  ‘Chem…ls’ due to the amount of nonsense disinformation online associated with that word. We feel using that word at all is completely counterproductive. If you wish to shout about Chem…ls then please organise your own event.

We are here to protest against current and proposed Climate Engineering programs.

Please do not wear gas masks. It is intimidating for the public.

Please do not wear Guy Fawkes masks. This will associate us with anti-capitalist demos that are politically aligned and often violent. That is really not how we want to be perceived.

Be nice – be loud – be noticed.

QR Codes for this event page:

QR codes are a great way to spread the word. Fakebook restricts the dissemination of most information relating to this topic, but we are not sure if its algorithms are able to recognize these types of images and the URLs embedded in them.

Please try to see if you can post them and if they are shared effectively.

Please also print them out and distribute them as widely as possible. We really need to up our game if we are to stand any chance of preventing the introduction of imminent climate engineering trials and stopping those already underway.

If you turn up and march you are marching for a cause, not for us. We must protect our atmosphere from interference by private corporations who intend to spray substances unknown into it without our consent. Please try to bring as many people along as possible. We have noticed that those who seek to undermine our efforts are very keen for us not to march and try to convince us it is a waste of time because they know it is a very effective way of reaching people, so let’s not get distracted by those people and let’s do this.

Thank you all.