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Hugh Hunt


Hugh Hunt was the organiser of the SRM Science Symposium event, held at Cambridge University in March 2015. For those not familiar with the terminology SRM stands for Solar Radiation Management. For further clarification please see our About The Subject page.

We managed to have a talk with him about the event and some of our concerns about the proposed programs and the Climate Engineering movement as a whole.

It is important to note that we did not ask a lot of the questions that would have liked to due to the nature of the event, but also because our intention at this event was to foster good relations at this event and build confidence. The idea was to listen carefully to what they were saying rather than challenge them. We made it very clear during the event what our stance is, and indeed we are very well known as being against both current and proposed Climate Engineering programs, with particular reference to A.A.I. in all its forms.

We hope to write this page up in more detail very soon as soon as we have the time.