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Our Constitution will be seeking funding this year so as to allow us to conduct some large projects including legal action.

As a result we are adopting the status of a not-for-profit organisation. Part of this process is acquiring a community bank account. Another requirement is to have a constitution.


Download a .pdf of our Constitution. – Constitution V-1.0


The name of the organisation shall be:


The aims of the organisation shall be:

To raise awareness in the public domain about environmental issues dealt with on the website by direct campaigning on the street, online and through the promotion and production of educational films.

To lobby government departments about environmental issues dealt with on the website.

To lobby NGOs and Environmental Groups about environmental issues dealt with on the website.

To lobby Environmental Groups about environmental issues dealt with in the website.


In order to achieve its aims the organisation shall do the following:

Campaign publicly.

Raise money though donations.

Open bank accounts.

Acquire assets such as vehicles and promotional vehicles and other promotional assets, technical equipment to assist in various aspects of the campaign.

Take out insurance.

Employ staff and pay for freelance professionals on specific projects.

Publish research and other campaign content on our website.

Produce promotional material including but not limited to printed material and educational films for general release on the internet and via our website.

Organise events including but not limited to educational events, public protests and campaign events and meetings.

Take legal advice and initiate legal action against organisations that our campaign is directed towards.



This constitution has been drawn up by The Founder of and represents an agreement on his part to operate the organisation in a fair, legal and open manner.

The organisation shall not offer membership and shall be run by its founder – Ian Simpson. The term The Founder is hereon in used to represent Ian Simpson.

All decisions regarding campaigning, publishing, fundraising and use of funds shall be made by The Founder.

The organisation shall invite and consider all suggestions related to any aspect of the campaign but The Founder shall have absolute discretion of all activities of the campaign, its management and its finances.

The Founder also agrees to respond in due course to any enquiries into operations and management of the organisation from members of the public or other interested parties.

The Founder agrees to operate within UK law and comply with UK tax laws.



The organisation has been founded as a not-for-profit environmental campaign. The Founder agrees therefore not to draw funds from the organisation other than reasonable expenses or re-claiming of funds invested by the Founder in the organisation from his own personal monies. Any funding over and above that needed for any project shall be kept for future projects or reassigned to another existing project.

 The organisation shall be funded by donations and from contributions from the founder from his personal funds. Other funding sources may be considered in the future.

The Founder reserves the right to reclaim funding raised via donations in respect of any funds donated by him to the campaign. This shall not represent any amount over and above contributions he can legitimately show he has made to the campaign from his personal funds. Funds from the campaign shall only be re-appropriated by The Founder if surplus funding is present in any project. The Founder agrees that campaign projects are the priority of the organisation.

The founder agrees that funds donated to a particular project shall used for that project as far as possible. Any change to this policy or re-appropriation of funds between various project funding pots or any reclaimed funds to his personal account shall be published on the website as detailed above and explanations as to the decisions shall be made. All decisions shall be at the absolute discretion of The Founder. The organisation shall also accept non-specific donations which may be used as and when the organisation chooses and for any purpose.

The organisation shall publish on its website all details of funds raised and all expenditure. These shall be published on the website at least every 12 months from the date of the opening of the organisations bank account.

Approximate expenditure relating to years 2013 – 2017 are currently available on the website.

Any accounts shall also be published on the website at the end of each financial year.

In some circumstances, for example when a sensitive project is in progress, details of such a project shall be kept confidential until such time as it is deemed safe to release details of that project. This shall be at the absolute discretion of The Founder. In such a circumstance some facts and figures may be withheld or may be published with altered information so as not to reveal the nature of such a project.

The organisation reserves the right to raise funds for anonymous, sensitive projects. In such circumstances it shall be made clear to potential contributors that the project is sensitive and that information about said project has been withheld. The contributor then has the option to donate to that project.

All expenditure on sensitive projects shall eventually be published in full as and when The Founder has deemed that information suitable to be made public.

Fundraising shall also be conducted by provision of direct debit forms to supporters of the campaign.

The organisation reserves the right to raise funds through monies raised from films made by The Organisation or by selling promotional material such as T-shirts or car stickers or other similar promotional material.


Changes to the constitution

 This constitution shall be published on the campaign website. The Founder reserves the right to change the constitution at any time and agrees to publish any changes. Each change to the constitution shall result in a new version and each new version shall have a version number. All amended constitutions hall be published on the campaign website.



 The organisation can only be dissolved by The Founder. The decision to dissolve the organisation shall be at The Founders discretion. Any funding remaining unspent at the time of dissolution shall be returned to those who donated if reasonable practical, otherwise it shall be donated to another environmental charity or cause chosen by The Founder. The organisation shall take reasonable steps to allow those who have contributed funding to reclaim said funds by advertising on the website that the organisation is due to dissolve and shall allow 28 days for applications of refunds to be lodged. This shall be done unless circumstances beyond The Founders control prevent it in which case the monies shall be donated to another cause as detailed above. Thereafter no claim shall be considered.