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This section deals with what we see in the sky essentially. We often refer to the images we publish as cloud-like formations simply because most of what we now see is not natural clouds, but formations derived from substances sprayed from aircraft that look like clouds, but are not.

Pages are added to each subsection in chronological order so the most recent appear at the top of the menu. As always, everything we public has a brief in the BLOG section, so that is the easiest and quickest way to keep up to date regularly.

Clouds – Introduction

There are essentially 3 main programs going on.

Persistent trails

Fake clouds, derived from what we now believe to be tiny particles of aluminium and fibreglass. These are formed from one of the substances sprayed from Airbus A320 aircraft and are what produce the long persistent spreading trails. That said we have no discovered that aircraft are now dropping this stuff from higher altitudes which then forms cloud-like formations lower in the atmosphere. We termed these drop clouds, and this makes things even more confusing, but we know it’s the same stuff from the rainbow refraction it exhibits.

Plastic fibres.

We think these are sprayed primarily by Boeing 737 aircraft. They only need a single pipe. These are what form the Induced Cumulus. Disturbingly they also collect in our throats and form what can only be described as blobs that ‘live’ on our tongues. We have resisted going too deep into this so as not to freak people out too much, but you can remove them by gargling with a robust red wine. Gargle repeatedly and very soon this stuff starts to fall off you tongue in blobs. Its pretty horrid, but please do try this at home so you know we are not making this stuff up. When you see that stuff coming out of your mouth you will realise just how disturbing this whole situations is. More on this soon.


Trails of thick black smoke. These are the real silver bullets of this entire subject because they are clear and incontrovertible evidence that aircraft have been modified to spray stuff, because there is no engine or atmospheric condition that can possibly produce black smoke, especially in a modern HBT jet engine. See the Smokers in action in our film here.

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