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…there isn’t really any hard evidence… Err..?

When we hear this comment it reminds us of Monty Python’s What have the Romans Ever Done For Us

“I read your website and it is interesting but there isn’t really any hard evidence…”


When we hear this comment it reminds us of the infamous Monty Python sketch from the Life of Brian – What have the Romans Ever Done For Us.

“Yes alright, but apart from the fact that long-haul flights divert from their flight paths to pick up cargo at mysterious airstrips in Africa en-route to the UK, and apart from the retrofitted pylon pipes, and apart from the evidence of black trails, and apart from the fact that planes now make clouds and they never used to, and apart from the existence of strange iridescent clouds, and apart from all the new cloud types invented by the MET Office to explain all these strange things we now see, and apart from the 3 large containers loaded onto the front cargo hold on Airbus A320s where luggage is no longer allowed, and apart from the fact that Airbus A320s are now crashing at an impossibly high frequency in suspicious circumstances, and apart from the irregular and suspicious use of ADS-B systems broadcasting false altitude data on flights that leave trails over the UK, and apart from the fact flights are routed out of their way to pass over UK cities, and apart from the fact that flights often travel in pairs or even 3s now, and apart from the fact that the new type of Induced Cumulus clouds only ever form over land and in long rows, and apart from the fact that our skies are always hazy and never clear anymore, and apart from the fact that last year there were less than 10 days with completely clear skies over the UK… breath… what have ever done to show this is happening now, eh?

There exist people who do not drink much alcohol, who do not smoke, who drink a lot of tap water and who watch a lot of Television (all clues we hasten to add) who are utterly convinced that everything is exactly how it is presented to us by the establishment or mainstream media (the MSM). No amount of evidence, however compelling, will ever be able to change their conditioned minds. They are simply not open for business. Those are, generally speaking, the people that can read our website and see nothing, understand nothing and accept nothing. Those are the people who are able to dismiss this as a conspiracy theory. We dread to think what is going to happen to those people when this finally breaks into the public consciousness and is admitted to by The Establishment as having been ongoing for many years now.

It is to those people that we gleefully present this short film.


During a lecture at what looks like Cambridge University, particle physicist Jasper Kirkby, who is involved with cloud physics research at CERN, openly discusses the ongoing use of manufactured aerosols sprayed from aircraft to create clouds.

“There’s plenty of evidence that large regions of the climate are lacking sufficient aerosols to form clouds. Contrails are a well known example of that. These are not smoke trails these are clouds which are seeded by jets dumping aerosols into the upper atmosphere”

“This is a non-natural condition; this is where we generate several hundred % super-saturation”

This clip is extremely important not only because it admits to the fact this is happening now and has been for many years, but also because it gives important clues as to how these aerosols affect our weather and precipitation. This and other sources have confirmed that the more saturated the air is and the smaller the CCNs – Cloud Condensation Nuclei – the smaller the rain droplets and the finer the rain, or drizzle as it s known. Indeed when we witness skies that are covered from horizon to horizon with what we call a white-out, and uniform and unbroken layer – like a white blanket – of aerosol matter, very fine drizzle is exactly what we it produces.


Full deployment not experimentation

This and other similar evidence from presentations from assorted Climate Engineering events are slowly bringing the picture into focus and refining our understanding of the level to which this Climate Engineering industry can now control our weather. The technologies associated with Climate Engineering are very advanced and capable of creating almost any desired condition, from mildly overcast to extremely stormy with heavy rain. From our own observations over the past 4+ years we have discovered that an entire sky across the UK can be covered with a thin film of aerosols in as little as 3-4 hours and with a few as a few dozen flights per hour per area.

If the full storm scenario is required the spraying will continue for around 36 hours to build up sufficient cover to promote storm conditions. If one takes the time to observe the skies before a major weather event this is exactly what they will see. When the rain is required to fall, other substances are then sprayed in large amounts to promote the release of that moisture in a very short space of time resulting in a deluge.



If we accept then that this technology is being employed, and is not only able to but actually is being used to create extreme weather, then it follows that the damage caused by those storms can be attributed to those controlling the weather. Some time ago we posited the idea that those affected by flooding who were not able to claim under their insurance policies may be able to band together and seek legal representation for compensation from airlines for creating the storms responsible.

This is no longer just an idea. This is now a viable reality and one which is being explored as we type.

Each week we move ever closer to being in a position to out these programs and bring an end to the current Climate Engineering / Solar Radiation Management programs.

Eyes to the sky.