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SRM Conference 2015 attended the 2 day Cambridge University SRM Science Conference 2015.

We listened carefully, asked questions, spoke to scientists and refined our knowledge and opinions. Scientists, academics, policy-makers, students, members of the public and other attendees, including other campaigners against these proposed technologies were all gathered in one place.

As always our stance was very clear; we believe the proposed programs to engineer our climate are already underway, at least in Europe and the UK, and probably in the rest of the world. The perceived threat of Global Warming – now completely debunked by the majority of the worlds scientific community – and it’s re-branded and even more tenuous offspring Climate Change – are being used to usher in a global program of corporate weather-manipulation. The reasons for this are almost irrelevant; it is unfounded, wrong, illegal, immoral and certainly detrimental to the health of the global population and environment at large.

Once again this event was great success for us. We got to do our short lecture on the Friday which was packed out with all the people we wanted to see in there, including David Keith. We interviewed David Keith after the talk and have posted the footage on another page.



Due to the very short time-slot we decided to focus mainly on showing them all our Smokers film so that we can now claim we have shown  incontrovertible evidence to a large percentage of the world’s Climate Engineering scientific community of aircraft deliberately pumping what appears to be raw fossil fuel – probably diesel – into the exhaust plume of the aircraft so it ignites. Not one of those gathered was able to explain what they saw, counter it in any way or even offer any explanations as to what they were witnessing. The image below is a still from that film:





We have presented clear and incontrovertible evidence to those gathered, so they cannot now claim they have “seen no evidence to suggest…” as many have done to date. If they now fail to act, investigate or they continue to pursue their involvement in Climate Engineering without acknowledging the potentially very damaging and illegal programs that currently exists, and the huge potential in view of this for abuse of the proposed programs, then we can then legitimately point the finger of suspicion at them.

If you know something illegal and potentially harmful is being carried out, irrespective of whether you are directly involved, and you fail to take action to report it, or prevent it, you are effectively culpable. We have now officially created that situation, so we hope the people i that room will now examine their consciences and professional integrity and begin to speak up about what is really going on.



Our presentation was titled:

Evidence and theory of current climate engineering programs

I presented to a packed room of around 40-50. Most of the world’s top climate scientists were in the room to listen to what we knew about the surest situation and our interpretation of it. The talk was only 10 minutes so I had to rush through the basics of the 3 programs. The reportage of the event, together with recorded content and interviews will be up here in the next few days.

Josefina Fraile-Martin also spoke. Her presentation was titled:

Civil Society And Geoengineering

The Event

You can read up on the event by visiting the Cambridge University SRM page.

The very first paragraph of the About section states:

Climate engineering is rapidly becoming a contentious issue within political, scientific, and cultural discussions of climate change, in part due to a perceived lack of progress on crucial emission reductions. The recently released IPCC WG1 report suggests that without swift and dramatic mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, global warming could easily exceed the internationally promoted upper limit of 2°C, creating risks which may prove intolerable.

Here we see the familiar story peddled by the establishment and complicit* scientific community that attempts to mislead the public into believing that we are approaching a sate of climate emergency. The ultimate aim of this, and other similar events, is to introduce ‘approved’  climate engineering programs on the back of this perceived threat. Read more about this in our article – Climate Emergency – Reasons We Need To Be Scared Of It.


Our Presence At The Event

Apart from attending all the lectures and speaking to others, we also submitted our poster which was displayed in the poster room alongside many others from the scientific community.



Cambridge-Final-FLAT-smallCambridge SRM Symposium 2015 poster



We learned a lot from being at the Climate Engineering Conference 2014 in Berlin and the Climate Engineering Science Symposium Cambridge. Each time we attend one of these we learn a little about the science, people behind it and the intentions of those involved in the programs as a whole. We also hope to have sowed the seeds of doubt in the minds of those who may suspect what is currently going on, so that if they are considering speaking up it may help convince them to do so.

Watch this space.




* we state complicit very deliberately because a clear distinction must be made between the minority scientific community that is both funded by and influenced by the various sectors of the establishment, namely the political-commerical alliance of climate alarmists, who seek to further a politico-financial agenda for reasons unconnected to the state of the climate and the genuine majority of the worlds scientific community that does not agree with the alarmist stance. The NIPCC, among many others, produce a vast amount of contrary evidence to show that not only is our climate not being affected to a degree that puts it in danger, but also that the minimal evidence of such changes are cherry picked, manipulated and used in a non-scientific way to foster climate fear so as to further the interests of those that back them. Unsurprisingly we never hear about the majority scientific view in the mainstream media so the public’s perception is entirely skewed by this establishment bias.

Furthermore the very point of this website is to attempt to make people realise that any real changes to our climate are due to current climate engineering programs that we believe are designed to alter and encourage extremes of weather, further fostering the perceived threat.