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Satelite images and images from planes

Here we see a collection of satellite images from around the word showing clear lines, grids and patterns that would simply not occur naturally.

Remarkably you can also see clear evidence of aircraft trails being produced and expanding in real-time on various satellite websites. An interesting thing to do is to look at on one of the live satellite websites (links to added here soon) at the same time as also looking at You can then match the aircraft and the trails as they fly along, and identify which planes are leaving the spreading trails that cover our sky with grey cloud-like formations every day.

Enjoy !


Here are some images of the atmosphere taken from planes that show how saturated it is. We know it to be saturated with fibres, but even to the untrained eye this should seem unusual to say the least. If it were an unusual anomaly then it could maybe be explained by unusual conditions, but something that happens every single day is not unusual is it, it’s just unnatural.


When you fly, always take a camera.