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Roll Up, Roll Up to The Greatest Show On Earth

As the Global Climate Circus convenes in Paris we look at the reality behind the script.

As political leaders, scientists and assorted minions of all descriptions gather today to pore over all of the ‘shocking’ reports by other very well-paid scientists, and to discuss the ‘terrible inaction’ of the assorted global politicians, is safely tucked away in our London hideout marveling at the fact that nobody in the UK has noticed that virtually the entire month of November has been a ‘white out’… unbroken cloud characterised by a thin, translucent, white blanket of chemicals sprayed from aircraft. There have only been 4 days on which the sun broke through in London, 2 of which were quickly sprayed over, and the other 2 of which were allowed to persist for several hours, presumably to allay fears that we might have had a month of grey. More on this in our up-coming article, Endless days of grey – the unnatural sky coming soon. We wanted to go to Paris but we were very concerned about being arrested. Today we discover that our concerns were, as we discuss further into this article, well founded.


The global politico-scientific ruse is bulldozing it’s way through our society enforcing the will of the global power brokers, so as to eventually impose many new climate-related laws and introduce publicly-approved, corporate weather control. Obviously the more naive in society will scoff at this summary because they see lots of people out there screaming and shouting to save us from the Climatic Armageddon that supposedly awaits us, and lots of serious-faced scientists quoting all sorts of pseudo-scientific, and increasingly apocalyptic study results conducted by other very well paid scientists who are also part of the ruse, so how could this possibly not be true. They don’t stop to consider that actually our weather is no different to how it has always been, aside of course that we don’t get any sunshine any more due to the existing Climate Engineering programs. Despite this they seem to believe the increasingly maniacal media hysteria reports that seem to suggest we are all going to burn and die unless we allow our governments to do all sorts of crazy things. In view of this WE must be mad, and WE are the exception, so WE are clearly the enemy for not believing in this…

Except, of course, we are not the exception, and except of course that the real science does not back up any of what is being purported as truth by the corporations and their scientific minions, and except of course that most real scientist who are not on the corporate payroll also do not believe that there is any real danger from any form of anthropogenic climate change at all, and certainly not enough of a threat to lock down entire cities, arrest dissenters, and enforce what is essentially a state of martial law in France, so as to be able to hold a nice, glitzy, well-staged and perfectly executed theatrical display of global ‘negotiations’. A global play of a magnitude never seen before. The culmination of billions of dollars of stage management that has culminated in The Greatest Show On Earth.


The ruse

Indeed this may even be ‘it‘: the Climate Singularity we predicted. Some time ago we wrote an article proposing our idea that All Climate Summits are Designed to Fail. The idea, briefly, is that to be able to introduce Climate Engineering officially without trials or public debate requires a very extreme situation, so as to bypass the approval and trials process on the grounds of… da dah… an emergency ! If they ask us now we would say no of course, so they keep failing to address the issue until such time as the media has spun sufficient numbers of people into hysterical climate fear that they can then suddenly declare they have to save us… immediately. Get it?

Of course if we see the mindset of emergency evolving into the introduction of Climate Engineering from this event, even if it is portrayed as trials, then that process is over and we have indeed reached that singularity. If, however, we see yet another theatrical portrayal of a shambolic failure, then we are destined for yet more, ever increasingly theatrical events such as this, that will eventually lead to an overall state of Europe-wide or even global climate emergency as we described in that article.

Just to remind readers that under a state of emergency a government and its agencies can act with impunity. Indeed that is exactly what we have just witnessed in France.


Silencing dissent

France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve took full advantage of the rather convenient state of emergency by arresting 24 activists ahead of the talks. “These people have no connection at all with the terrorist movement, but our forces need to be totally focused on the protection of the French people,” he said on Saturday.

What threat to the French people are a bunch of climate activists? Surely if they know who they are then a quick word with these people to say, “look we are watching you, so any funny business and your out” would suffice. There really is no need to arrest people who have not committed a crime.

Leaving aside the idea that the state of emergency might have been introduced deliberately to facilitate this, rather than to protect France from something that had already happened, we feel the notion that states are now allowed to arrest people before they have committed a crime is a very disturbing development which seems to have escaped the notice of the sleeple of Europe as they gorge on terror-phobia in the media. Not only are states now allowed to remotely assassinate anyone they chose in other countries for supposedly committing crimes that our media have accused them of, they are also now allowed to arrest anyone in their own countries for daring to question what the state says or does. That is, after all, the role of the activist is it not? Is activism now illegal we must ask ourselves? More on that in this article. Of course all this is done in the name of protection, but the protection of who or what? Certainly not the people we feel, but more the protection of the state. The protection of the minority of complicit politicians and ultimately and above all, the protection of the illusion. The protection of the Climate Change movement. The protection of those who seek to manipulate and coerce us into falling for their lies, their tricks, and the fear they propagate.


Save us they cry

We were truly shocked in the summer of 2015 when Russel Brand slithered out of the Groucho Club for long enough to join assorted other funded personalities in convincing 14,000 well-meaning but ultimately utterly gullible members of the public, plus hordes of colourful shills, to march through London screaming at our politicians to take Global Warming, re-branded Climate Change due to the fact that the dangerous increase in global temperatures failed to materialise at all, seriously. And yet when we tried to organise a march in London to try to make people realise the bitter reality of what is really happening, we got a very poor turnout despite Fakebook telling us we reached tens of thousands of people with our paid-for advertising campaign. Many of those who did attend were those same colourful shills. The same will be true in Paris.

All those colourful people in silly hats who ride around on unicycles, waving dire-warming banners and shouting at our leaders to save us are either deeply gullible and as bonkers as their outfits suggest, or more likely, just part of the circus – The Greatest Show On Earth. It is very important to note that the activists who have been arrested in Paris will, almost certainly, be those such as us, who are trying to warn others that this entire circus is a scam, not those who are crying to be saved. We think that speaks volumes about what is really going on in terns of the massive security operation underway. They can’t have anyone ruining the show can they. They won’t tolerate anyone disagreeing with them, unless they are paid to do so and so won’t say anything of any value.

We predicted this and decided to stay away and listen from home so as not to take the risk of ending up in some horrid police cell on terrorism charges; you see in a state of emergency nobody can hear you scream. They can hold you without charge and indefinitely. The French police were even boasting about this recently, almost as if they had been wishing for it. So far we have not had a state of emergency here in the UK, so we are still relatively safe, but we feel if the British public do not bow down to The chairman of Cameron Global Interests Ltd’s wishes to invade yet another independent country, that may all change and we could well get an atrocity to rival, or even exceed, the Paris one. How dare we say no to them! This would, of course, pave the way for activists, truthers and freedom-of-speech campaigners to be arrested here in the UK under the resulting state of emergency that will inevitably follow. What we do is already almost illegal as we explained in our previous article about Terrorism and the Law but still, with a good lawyer they would find it very hard to lock us up. All that changes under a state of emergency, and they can just pick you up in a dawn raid and throw the key away. Gone. Problem solved. Dissent silenced.


The link to the global political stage (pun very much intended)

Anyone who questions anything the government does is now classed as a domestic ideological extremist and liable to be locked away as soon as we get our very own ‘atrocity’ here in the UK. When that attack inevitably occurs, not only will it create more fodder for yet more media hysteria, it will have the added bonus of destroying the “NO” campaign, galvanise public opinion among the now suitably terrified British public to allow the UK to join the New Global Crusade and invade Syria… finally… at last. 2 years ago we said no, but you see the way it works is they think if they do things slowly and subtly enough we won’t notice. Drop-by-drop-by-drop is their mantra. We have not forgotten Iraq though and we seem, finally, to have realised in sufficient numbers that we are being lied to as they speed this program up.

Deep breath… anyhow, we try on the whole, to avoid a connection between our focus and world politics, but that stance is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain as it is all so intricately linked. Climate Engineering – or corporate weather control – as it should more accurately be termed, is just part of the global corporate juggernauts that is currently smashing its way though all western democracies in an attempt to destroy them and impose what amounts to a corporatocracy and the accompanying police state that is needed to maintain it’s authority. The only part of this we are not quite sure about is the time scale. We had imagined it would, as the Drop-by-drop-by-drop mantra suggests creep up on us very slowly but now we are not so sure. The outcome in Paris and the impending false flag event coming to a street near you in central London very soon will likely clarify this uncertainty in a very graphic way. If the powers-that be inflict an atrocity on us here in the UK and impose a state of emergency then we can pretty much say that we have arrived. No more slowly, slowly subtle stuff, the dawn raids will be happening the length and breadth of the country and all those foolish enough to have run websites such as this a well be locked up ad infinitum, or at best ave their websites st down, as happened to Chris Spivey not long ago.


Wake up

It is a very patronising phrase and certainly not one that endears any activist to their chosen audience, but there comes a time when desperation and frustration sweep away formality and any desire to be polite and instinct takes over. We are very close to what might described as a corporate take over of pretty much everything, but most worryingly, and of course this website’s focus, our weather. It is tempting to sit back with a nervous but smug grin and wait for the moment that Climate Engineering trials are officially announced, that is of course if it not the case at this event as we suspect tit might be, and say “see we told you so, now join us and let’s put an end to this madness”, but the risk therein is that we will no longer have the ability to do anything as the increasing encroachment on privacy and dismantling of democracy and our rights to protest and enact change may have rendered those who have woken up utterly powerless. You see with any theatrical plot of this magnitude, the authors will have already thought of all the twists and turns in the story and already have the ending worked out. We are not witnessing a natural process here at all, but a carefully crafted and intricately scripted play, unfolding pretty much exactly as planned.


What now?

Because of the increasing public awareness that we are being lied to and that our weather is indeed being at best affected, or at worst completely controlled, we feel the time for pretending to fail so as to increase the sense of global emergency may actually be over and that any plans to do so have been abandoned in favour of a policy of Let’s just do this now before they realise what we are up to.


In view of this we feel there are only likely 2 outcomes to this event.


  1. Yet another seemingly shambolic failure of leaders to address the issues of impending climatic doom, resulting in yet another failed event. Yet another year of colourful, angry, climate-concerned activists demanding our leaders save us from said fictitious doom. Yet another year of media fear-mongering, tension building, and increasingly alarmist pseudo-scientific press reports based upon nothing but hot air, all designed to make us so scared we will agree to anything.




  1. A ‘surprising’ turnaround, resulting in leaders actually agreeing on drastic measures to combat said fictitious threat to humanity created by the worlds complicit media. This will include a mass of new legislation, pretty much all of which will result in the tightening of corporate control over governments, government control over populations, governments ability to implement legislation without due process and without proper consultation and other mostly draconian measures.


  1. The official introduction of Climate Engineering programs. They will, as we have repeatedly predicted, ask scientists what the options are. The scientists will then duly respond with furrowed brows stating: Well, we have looked at all the options and the only viable one is to (continue to) spray vast amounts of chemicals into our skies to try to block this terrible thing called the sun, which is apparently wreaking such havoc on the earth and threatening the existence of humanity.


  1. There may even be an admission from some leading Climate Engineering ‘scientists’, such as David Keith and Ken Caldeira, that trials have been underway, followed by a raised-eyebrow explanation that they had to do it to ‘save us’. We got wind of this in Cambridge this year.



So, there you have it, in simplistic terms of course, but time will, as always, show if we are correct. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how we look at this, we don’t have long to find out where this is going.


Watch this space.


Look-Up, Look-Out. We are almost there !


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