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All climate summits are designed to fail.

All climate summits are designed to fail, but have you ever wondered why?

Surprisingly, or not depending on who you are and how much you understand about the real world as opposed to the world we are sold, many are still asking why, and demanding tougher action. Russell Brand slithered out of Grouchos for a few hours to make a call to action to get ‘the kids’, all his blind young mice, out there shouting at our politicians to do something.

All the usual state sponsored organisations who the people foolishly believe are there to help them trumpet out the call to march and demand that our politicians do more before we reach the perceived threat of a climate emergency. We wrote about this some time ago but did not make the link to the doomed climate summits so we felt the need, especially in view of the Paris COP21 event this year, to clarify the situation.

14,000 people hit the streets declaring that unless they do more to reach agreement we could face Climatic Armageddon. Obviously these are all the people that simply accept what they read in the daily press about weather extremes and the perceived threat of impending climate chaos, and not those who seek out the truth about the climate from the NIPCC and other less official websites that publish the real science such as the fact that 31,000 scientists signed a petition to Obama declaring they did not believe in Global Warming and demanding the real science be published. This and other similar websites about Climate Engineering and the Climate Change Hoax, together with many hundreds of Fakebook pages that show that thousands are now fully aware that the climate hoax is exactly that – ALL MADE UP. Few realise why though. This is not just about money, and investment in renewables etc that some quote, this is about creating a global state of emergency.

When enough climate summits have failed, and enough newspaper headlines such as those in our poster above are trotted off, and enough people have been onto the streets and screamed at the house of parliament because they have been told to by some rich, pseudo-kid who works as the establishment’s needle into the minds of the more gullible members of the UK’s youth, then the establishment can rightfully claim that it has all gone terribly wrong. “Sadly we have failed” they will dramatically admit. “We tried so hard to avoid both climate catastrophe and reach agreement on emissions but we, well, we just couldn’t quite do it, and now, we face a terrible situation you see, a real emergency and well, we just don’t know what to do. It’s awful, you know and unless we do something really drastic we are all going to burn and die… blah, blah fucking blah…” it will go on and on ad-nauseum trust us.

In the wings though, will be waiting our wonderful shiny new world government, spurs on, bristling with its highly polished suit of armour, and ready to charge out of the shadows in which it has lurked for the last 48 years ready to save us from this terrible situation. They will be the only way to save us, our only hope. Let’s unite under this wonderful new global leadership and finally cure all our problems, break down all this international inability to cooperate and start to solve the world’s problems once and for all before it’s too late.

WE CAN SAVE YOU, BUT YOU MUST GIVE UP ALL YOUR FREEDOMS – and in fact pretty much everything else too. It is the same story that has unfolded time and time again in recent history, not just here in the UK but in all western societies. Create a problem/emergency – offer a solution, and the solution allows them to do something we would not have agreed to without the problem/emergency.

Are we there yet?

The world is warming = climate emergency = climate engineering to save us from said emergency.

We failed to reach agreement to save us from the climate emergency so independent state governance is not working = world government.

Climate engineering is so complex and potentially dangerous if run across international borders that the only way it can work is with a system of global governance = proto-world government.

The last one is a message we heard repeatedly at the Berlin Climate Engineering conference last August and is the thing that sealed the idea in our minds, making us realise that climate engineering is part of a huge global movement to move societies here and across the world into the dystopian, corporate-governed, one-world that has been predicted for so long. It has been predicted for a reason. Those that made the predictions are the ones who are trying to achieve it. Simples!

How to create a climate problem (in brief)

They are spraying stuff into the sky that is making our weather behave unusually. The cloud cover it creates raises atmospheric temperatures by trapping heat and make us feel hot. The soot from the spraying is turning the ice black and melting it. At the same time the papers claim the ice is melting and claim record weather extremes of all types and with increasing frequency and alarmism, despite records showing very clearly that there is nothing unusual about our weather at all except that is is being pumped full of substances unknown by aircraft every day. Every little bit of rain and every wind is the worst ever. Every hot spring day is the hottest ever. Obviously the stuff being sprayed is designed to increase temperatures and the perception of heat, and to increase precipitation. We have showed the new cloud types called Uncinus, which are as a result of one particular chemical sprayed from Airbus A320s, always appears in our skies the day before very heavy rain. Uncinus is a type of cloud invented by the MET Office in the last few years. It comes exclusively from Airbus A320 aircraft. It is not natural. The MET Office conveniently  forgot to mention aircraft as the source of this new cloud type in their Fact_sheet_No.1-an introduction to clouds.

Funny that.

We could go and on, and give other examples of the problem/solution method of political control that is being applied throughout many aspects of our lives, but we are here to talk about Climate Engineering so we hope now you understand this basic principle of social manipulation you will see it happening elsewhere without our help. Please folks, let’s try to warn others what is going on. This is no time to sit back and not worry about things, as once our ability to object to anything, and their ability to control everything is in place… it really is game over.

Think !


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