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What is a contrail and when should we see one?

This page is still being drafted


We spoke to the MET Office last summer and managed to get an email, accompanied by a recorded conversation some time after confirming the contents of the email, that states very clearly that the MET Office official data on contrail formation are above 37,000ft and below -57 degrees Celsius (-57C).

This is  the silver bullet of the chemtrail movement, and one which proves conclusively that what we see in our skies is nothing to do with condensation or ice crystal at all.

A natural contrail is formed when moisture from the combustion process of a jet engine condenses. It requires quite extreme conditions and so is quite rare. Also the following things are true of natural contrails

  1. They should dissipate quickly, like the wake of a boat, even in ideal conditions
  2. They should never increase in volume or spread out
  3. They should all look exactly the same, just like the steam from the kettle but much more voluminous obviously
  4. They can only form from older models of jet engine that use 100%combustion for thrust. Modern high-bypass turbofan engines do not expel any significant amount of moisture, and so can NEVER form any trails even in extreme conditions
  5. Contrails cannot form cloud or anything resembling cloud under any conditions


There are several ways to show that the trails we see in the sky are not moisture.

  • Altitude        – Most trails are seen at well below the required 37,000ft, some as low as 16,000ft
  • Time lag       – Trails are seen forming just a few meters behind the engine. 900C to -57C in 2-4ms?
  • Appearance – They have different appearances, even between engines on the same plane
  • Behaviour    – They do not behave as we would expect frozen moisture to behave
  • O WOW        – We often see 2 planes in the same sky at the same time, one with and one without a trail


We will eventually have a page dedicated to each of these points (some still to be completed) which delve deeper and provide evidence of how these things can individually and collectively prove the existence of chemtrails. We have a similar page What is a chemtrail, which describes the various types and how to recognise them.


 Something to hide ?

We released the MET Office ‘contrail formation’ data on our Facebook page in August 2013 we think and what happened next was truly amazing, and once again proves the complicity of organisations such as NATS and the CAA…

To try to mask this behaviour, flights that are knowingly spraying, and by that we mean that the pilots know exactly what they are doing, have started to report false altitudes This was first noticed late 2013. Below is a link to  video we made about this particular issue.



 Stilll to come on this page

{image gallery low and false altitudes}

{Rolls Royce Engineer conversation}