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Here we try to answer some of the basic questions most people ask when they first become aware of this topic. We have been brief but expand on each point in other articles on the site.

1. What is Climate Engineering ?

The official definition is “The deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system”.

Climate Engineering has two categories of technologies carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management. Solar Radiation Management is an array of techniques to reduce the heat absorbed by the earth from the sun’s rays. One of those techniques is Atmospheric Aerosol Injection (AAI) which basically means spraying stuff from planes that forms cloud and haze.

This website is of the opinion that AAI (the form of SRM which is basically spraying of aerosols from aircraft) is already happening in the UK, Europe and the US. We use the umbrella term SRM so as to keep things simple, but AAI is essentially all this website deals with. Other Climate Engineering techniques are genuinely still under development and are relatively innocuous, but we feel SRM is illegal and potentially very harmful to us and our environment.

Climate Engineering is now a fully fledged industry and research base which is backed by the EU and promoted internationally by the IASS. The official line is that the technology is still being developed and that no SRM programs are yet under-way other than afforestation and small trials of ocean seeding (also known as iron fertilisation) but the visual evidence we see in our skies every day clearly says otherwise !

2. So surely it must be to combat global warming then ?

Planes are often seen spraying at night so that simply cannot be the case. If sunlight reflection were the real objective, then we would see a regular pattern of dawn spraying and then diminishing towards the evening. The current trend seems to be heavy spraying of persistent trails and haze at dawn, then haze all day, and then medium density persistent trails again from late afternoon well into the night, normally hidden above the low induced Cumulus cloud. If we analyse this behaviour we can understand that this is likely to actually cause warming, by blocking any daytime warming from the sun from escaping, gradually increasing temperatures. That is a big clue as to what is really going on which we expand on elsewhere, but essentially we feel the current programs may be to actually encourage warming, not prevent it.

Also of note is the fact that what most people believe to be the substances sprayed at the moment – Barium and Aluminium – are not the best things for the job, and are indeed harmful in some of their forms.

3. Why is SRM happening ?

The first and most obvious question that everybody asks is Why would they do that?

It is also the hardest question to answer or to prove so we encourage people not to become distracted too much by this simply because it is human nature to dismiss the entire debate if an acceptable answer is not immediately available. If you were to see a bank being robbed you would not stand by and ponder if the person was from a drug user or had gambling debts, you would call the police or take other action. This situation is no different, except that it is infinitely more serious.

Indeed any SRM trials that have been acknowledged officially have been surrounded by controversy and general scorn from an increasingly concerned public, the SPICE Project being a prime example, so it is entirely reasonable to assume that the corporations involved in current SRM aerial spraying programs have decided not to tell us and simply go ahead and do it anyway on the general corporate premise that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

That said there are many explanations circulating online from the benign to the extreme. Certainly when these programs are introduced officially – meaning when our government are forced to admit to them – they will claim it is to protect us from Global Warming but the evidence collected to date by us and other sources does not support this at all, in fact quite the opposite. Current SRM programs – and we refer specifically to the spraying of substances from aircraft to form clouds – actually cause warming. It is an established scientific fact that Cirrus clouds, such as those produced by aircraft, cause the atmosphere to warm by trapping shortwave radiation.

We expand on this elsewhere on the site, but suffice to say that the patterns of spraying we see, and the types of trails we see, such as the black trails, cannot be considered anything to do with preventing Global Warming. At the SRM Science Symposium in Cambridge in 2015 one of the scientists there showed that a slide of a recent climate model predicting that if 5 megatons of aerosols were released annually into our atmosphere it would cause the Arctic region to warm and cause an increase in severity of storms in the Philippines area.  If the Arctic becomes ice-free then new shipping lanes would open up and planned mineral mining can begin.

Predicting the weather is also big business and people make vast sums of money on the derivatives markets from doing so. It is entirely plausible that if links are established between corporations that own the airlines and those that own the weather prediction services then we have another clue as to what might be going on. As with all bad things in our world… follow the money.

Another of our own theories is based on the fact that key players in the current programs are oil-producing gulf states. Clouds, smogs and haze reduce solar radiation reaching the ground which renders solar power much less productive. We feel solar power could be supplying much of the UK’s electricity now if governments had invested sufficiently in the technology a long time ago, but even at today’s efficiency and pricing point, solar could be about up to 10 times more productive if there were no SRM programs happening and hence a lot more sunshine. Again, follow the money.

Ultimately we feel the entire Climate Engineering movement is based on an underlying desire for corporate control of our weather for financial gain, one of which is to undermine Solar Power. Solar power is almost like free energy for the people, which of course financially liberates us from the oil giants and the Establishment system generally. The idea of weather control is not new at all and research into this has been going on for many decades. Indeed the idea is discussed openly in documents such as this:

Owning the Weather in 2025

We remind you all not to worry too much about the why and focus on the campaign to stop it happening. When court cases finally begin in earnest the reasons will soon emerge. The important thing is to stop this as soon as possible and return to natural skies, clean air and sunshine.

4. What exactly is being sprayed and is it harmful ?

This is also very difficult to answer, and we must rely on conjecture for now, but there seem to be 3 basic programs being conducted in Europe at the moment:

Persistent spreading trails:

There is much circumstantial evidence presented by groups around the world that suggests that heavy metals are the prime suspect. Barium is often cited as the main one, but if it is Barium Sulfate then it is not directly harmful to humans even with chronic exposure. Other forms of Barium can be harmful though, and tantalising evidence is seen in the condition called Aerotoxic Syndrome. Frequent and long-haul flyers are regularly becoming ill with seemingly unexplained symptoms. These symptoms seem to be consistent with Barium toxicity. There are also other medical conditions linked to Barium toxicity that are becoming alarmingly common, and so we strongly believe that a harmful form of Barium is one of the substances. carried out our own laboratory tests on 26 individuals, all students from around the country studying in London. The results showed that all of the subjects showed very high levels of Barium, Strontium and Cadmium in hair and nail samples tested.  If metals are being used they are likely contained in the persistent trails. We think the persistent trails are being used to increase atmospheric temperatures. If you create extensive cloud cover over the course of the day, and especially in the evening, you are effectively trapping heat. This, of course, helps bolster the ‘climate fear’ that we are being fed which in turn will be used to approve the continuation of the spraying programs.

Other types are trails that has revealed evidence for are Haze and Black Trails.

Haze – short, dissipating shimmering trails

Some planes, we think the Boeing 737s, spray what can only be described as haze. Short-lived, shimmering trails that fill our sky with trillions of tiny plastic micro-fibers. This is why our skies look so strange on many days with our clouds being fuzzy and having little definition, and the skies overall being a milky light blue. In 2016 we discovered that these fibres can promote the formation of what we call Induced Cumulus. We believe these fibres to be nano-scale polymer fibres, and certainly man-made. Their tiny size allows them to act as condensation nuclei, which bind with moisture to encourage cloud formation. We also believe that they are the cause of sore eyes, itchy throats and possibly even the exacerbation of breathing-related conditions. Breathing air saturated with tiny particles is really not good for us. Most people are now aware of the dangers of particulates as they are known, so these types of trails cannot realistically be considered to be benign at this stage. We are investigating further.

Black Trails

Black trails are seen in the Smokers video above. We nicknames them smokers for obvious reasons. There have been reports of these being seen across the world for a number of years now, and this was confirmed to us by several of the scientists we spoke to at Climate Engineering Conference 2014, but they had no explanation for them. We believe these types of trails to be simply diesel or another fossil fuel, being sprayed into the exhaust of the planes to create smoke basically. If we were to speculate as to the reason then we simply need to look at what is happening on the global level, with endless bleating from the various ‘environmental’ organisations affiliated to the EU backed Global Climate Circus. They, together with a very happily complicit media, are relentlessly fostering the mindset of Climate Emergency, but have only one thing to pin the entire thing on now… CO2. Black Carbon trails not only increase CO2 levels but fill the air we breathe with carbon particulates – also known as Carbon Black.

This cannot be considered benign in any way, smogs and particulates are extremely harmful and recent scientific study has suggested that these particulates are contributing not only to respiratory related deaths but also reducing the effectiveness of antibiotics, casing otherwise easily treatable conditions to become un-treatable.

Black carbon trails really are the silver bullet of this entire debate. There is no natural explanation for their existence and there is no possible explanation that can be linked to protecting us from any natural phenomena. They are bad in every way and being introduced deliberately, so they go a long way to showing people that SRM is actually nothing to do with the sun whatsoever and everything to do with manipulating our environment.


Air quality is now a very prominent topic in the media and all manner of scare stories are being propagated. The most revealing thing about these stories though is that air pollution, particularly in London, is being blamed entirely on diesel vehicles. When we look at flight patterns over London however we see that as many as 1000+ planes are flying over London each day, often flying out of their way and passing very low and leaving all types of persistent trails that fill the air we breathe with particulates. This is, of course, never mentioned, and its exclusion from the debate is a clear indication that the entire topic is being ‘managed’ so as to keep aviation well and truly out of any discussions. We expand on this in this article.

5. Who is doing the current SRM over the UK and Europe?

Look-Up’s own investigations have led us to believe that the operation is being carried out by a group of global corporations called the Airline Alliances. Virtually all major airlines, except some of the budget airlines, have been amalgamated into 3 huge alliances. There is no such thing as a national airline any more, they are all private companies belonging to vast corporate structures. When we hear the term flag carriers they are simply that, privately owned airlines with a national flag on it. When we then look at the corporate power base above those alliances we realise this is a global, corporate operation.  This obviously suggests very strongly that SRM is financially motivated and nothing at all to do with our climate. That is not to say that governments are not aware of it above a certain level. It is inconceivable that public organisation such as the CAA, NATS, BAA and indeed the MET Office, and the ministers for the departments of Transport, Energy & Climate Change cannot be aware of such a vast operation; they simply won’t acknowledge it’s existence because it is still, possibly, illegal. Legality aside, the public have not been consulted or asked, so it is morally reprehensible.

6. How are they doing it ?

Almost all the trails we see come from just a few types of aircraft that have been modified with special pipes to dispense the chemicals used. We think that different planes have different systems. Airbus A320 family aircraft have been fitted with the 3-pipe delivery systems and load and store the chemicals in ULDs – Unit Load Devices – in the front cargo holds.

We now have confirmation from Airbus that these systems are not original to the design of the aircraft, and so have been fitted by the airlines involved. Boeing 737s from participating airlines have been fitted with single pipe systems, and seem to spray the plastic micro-fibers. Those systems rely on the chemicals being stored in the rear cargo hold. We have not filmed a 737 being loaded yet so we cannot say conclusively that they use ULDs yet.

The chemicals used in this program seem to come from West Africa and are transported to the UK and other European hub airports on a daily basis and then distributed air-side to other smaller planes for further distribution and spraying. has a wealth of very strong evidence to confirm all of this, including film footage of the entire process. It is also easy enough to confirm simply by watching major hub airports. The primary European distribution hubs for the persistent trails program (Airbus A320s) are Heathrow, Amsterdam Schippol, Frankfurt, Paris, Rome, Istanbul. These are the ones we have conducted surveillance on but there may be many more.

7. Is Climate Engineering legal?

ENMOD is an international treaty banning weather modification for military or hostile use. When we get the airlines into court they will try to claim that these programs are to protect us from Global Warming and so not hostile. Fortunately we have conclusive evidence that they are anything but benign with footage of Carbon Black trails being sprayed in Europe. Those trails are harmful and cannot be considered to have any benefit whatsoever or any scientific link to Global Warming, so on that basis we feel we have enough evidence to show that the current programs are illegal under the terms of the ENMOD treaty.

 8. Surely if commercial aircraft are used, pilots would have come forward and blown the whistle by now.

You would  think so wouldn’t you, until you start to look at the situation in more detail. Firstly many commercial pilots are not aware of what is going on as the systems that deliver the chemicals are automatic. Current wisdom suggest that they are either pressure release valve systems that activate automatically at a certain altitude, or that they are triggered remotely by satellite based systems. That may sound exotic but it is very simple and existing technology so would not be at all surprising. There is no SPRAY  button in the cockpit. That is not to say that some pilots don’t know or at least suspect, we think they do and the industry is apparently awash with rumours, but pilots are terrified to speak up. We must also consider that due to the amalgamation of the airlines that if you leave or get sacked form one airline there is nowhere to go now, so pilots must be very reluctant to put their careers on the line. Not only would they lose their job, but some people have supposedly been intimidated to prevent them from revealing information relating to this program.

Compartmentalisation is another very effective tactic. If you are the guy shifting the chemicals around at the airports, you don’t need to know what they are, what they are for and where they are going, you just need to do your job and load them. This principle could easily be applied throughout the entire operation.

The tragedy of the Germanwings A320 going down in Southern France may have revealed some important clues. The crews of Germanwings refused to fly in their aircraft immediately after the incident stating ‘personal reasons’. This made us think that air crew may be under a confidentiality agreement, otherwise why would they not speak up about their fears, especially following such a large and public disaster. There is also the possibility that pilots at least, or maybe all air crew, are forced to sign the Official Secrets Acts or something similar.

Air crews are getting ill and dying in increasing numbers from a condition called Aerotoxic Syndrome, which we believe is caused by residues from the chemicals used in Climate Engineering, but we never hear about it. Why not? it is inconceivable that a situation that is claiming and endangering lives would be allowed to continue unchecked if it were something normal such as  small mechanical failure as the airlines claim. We delve more into this in our article Aerotoxic Syndrome.

9. What does current Climate Engineering look like, and how can I tell if a sky is natural?

This is something that one learns very quickly once you start to look up and think about what you see. Remarkably, most of the cloud in the upper atmosphere is now created or induced by aerosols sprayed by planes. Some days the sky can be so full of chemically induced clouds that we get what we have termed a white-out. Spraying often starts before dawn when the first transatlantic planes fly over the UK from the US, and in the summer we can see the first trails laid down starting to spread and lay down the foundations of the sky for that day. We termed this The First Wave.

We have created a gallery you can look at to learn how to identify the assorted types of cloud-like formations produced by aircraft. The following film is a perfect example of how emissions from aircraft can completely block our sunshine for an entire day.

Recorded in West London on May 6th 2016. Far from being rare this is actually a daily occurrence. It is not normally so visible because most daily spraying occurs above the lower Cumulus cloud.

10. If the trails were harmful, surely those involved would be affected by it too, and their families? They breathe the same air as us.

This is true and is perhaps the largest stumbling block for us in terms of convincing people that this is really happening. Why would anyone do anything if it was harmful not only to others but themselves. Firstly it must be stated that we can’t say definitely that they are harmful other than the obvious health problems associated with sunlight deprivation and particulate pollution, neither of which are to be underestimated.

If the substances being used are directly harmful to us then we feel whatever it is they are doing is very subtle and gradual. Certainly with the increasing prevalence of early-onset dementia, Parkinson’s disease and other such conditions, even basic memory loss and foggy brain as it is known, it is entirely reasonable to claim a link.

Secondly it seems we have now worked out that there are things we can do to protect ourselves or counter possible ill-effects, that is assuming we are correct about what it is they are spraying. We have not published that information yet as we need to qualify it more prior to publication, but it does go some way to answering this tricky question.

Large numbers of flight crews and regular flyers have suffered a myriad of symptoms known collectively as Aerotoxic Syndrome, as we mentioned earlier. Read our article for more information that alludes to the fact that the substances being sprayed are indeed harmful, especially when encountered in high concentrations such as those at passenger flight cruising altitudes of  28,000 – 35,000ft

It probably still seems inconceivable to most that anything on this scale could be harmful and allowed to continue, but to that we say that this is not allowed in the first place, it is being carried out covertly, illegally and by people who probably care little about the effect it is having on our environment or the public at large. To suggest a group of closely linked global corporations would allow people to be harmed so as to allow for higher profits or some form of control over our environment is really not that absurd, and seems to be almost the norm these days, so please consider that fact when assessing the information on this website. When we then consider that those involved who truly understand what is happening may know how to counter any possible harmful effects, then it seems highly possible, even likely they would do this.

11. What can you do about this?

We have now abandoned the idea of e-petitions because Mr Cameron ordered a revision of the rules governing e-petitions, allowing an advisory committee to decide if a petition was eligible for debate or not even if it got to the 100,000 signatures. We thing that speaks volumes about the fear some ministers have about the rising tide of awareness about this. To change the law to prevent debate on this topic is an extremely revealing move and shows clearly that we are making serious ground.

There are a multitude of other things you can do that range from very simple things that cost nothing and which you can do from home, right up to research, active campaigning and investment in certain projects we have planned. The main thing is to spread the word in any way you can, especially by getting our logo out there on hoardings, cash-points, car and house windows, bumper stickers etc. Use your imagination. Probably the most effective though is to get onto the radio and mention it and this website. Don’t mention it to the researchers or they wont put you through to the presenter, but think of an excuse to call into debates about air pollution, weather or environmental issues and then drop it in. You will likely be cut off but job done!

We have dedicated a specific page to this so please read it here.

Dont Panic

The main thing to consider is that nobody is going to die as a result of SRM. It is easy to become very freaked out by this when you first learn about it but reacting in an extreme way is not helpful to anyone, especially you and your friends and family. Keep calm, think, read up and try to keep your life as normal as possible. Then try to think of ways you can help without disrupting your life or that of others around you too much. It is certainly true that this is a very tough one to swallow and if the worst case scenario is true then there exists the possibility that we are becoming ill from the fallout from SRM, but we can only bring this to an end by being calm, organised and relentlessly determined to bring those involved into the UK courts.

If you are feeling very unsettled about this and need help or more advice then please read our article Coping With The Knowledge.

We look forward to your help.