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We are being lied to – it’s official.

As those who follow us closely will know, back in October 2013 we attended an event called The Next Steps In Climate Science, which was convened at the Royal Society so as to discuss the findings of the IPCC 5th Assessment Report. This was our first venture into the scientific climate arena. Prior to that event we had no reason to doubt Global Warming at all. During the event we became acutely aware of much tension in the room and were initially quite perplexed by the strange atmosphere. The organisers and certain speakers were obviously very nervous. Questions were only taken from people they knew well and others were actively avoided. The science presented seemed inconsistent and biased to put it mildly and there was an overbearing sense that they really, really wanted to push an agenda of warming, climate chaos and the idea of a very unstable climatic future; Climate Fear! It did not feel like a debate or open discussion, but more like a press release from some form of oppressive council of leaders, desperate to get their will imposed and to avoid any form of questioning form the gathered press and brave members of the public that dared enter their quasi-holy, scientific arena.

By the end of the day we were extremely suspicious and that suspicion led very quickly to doubt about the entire claim that our world was warming. We went and did more research and very soon realised that we had just witnessed a small part in what we eventually realised was a major global hoax. The penny suddenly dropped when we connected it to the reason we were there, which was to listen for clues about the engineering of our climate. It fitted perfectly – if you want to convince people to let you spray stuff into the sky you need a pretty serious reason. Climatic Armageddon obviously fits the bill very well. When we then see the relentless climate fear pushed by the press almost on a daily basis then it doesn’t take long to realise what is going on.

Here is Piers Corbyn explaining the day perfectly. Piers is someone who specifically exposes and campaigns against the Global Warming hoax.



Until now it has been very hard to convince people of our line of thinking. Global Warming has been force-fed to us for so long now that some of us have grown up with it and know little else. It is like telling a christian that God doesn’t exist, so when we read in the Daily Mail that 43 fellows of the Royal Society had written to the president stating that the organisation was “in danger of violating one of its founding principles”, referring to an open letter casting doubt on the organisations increasingly dogmatic stance on Global Warming, we were overjoyed. The article focuses on Professor Michael Kelly, but the letter was signed by 43 prominent members, all of which had become increasingly unhappy with the one-sided reporting of science relating to our climate suggesting that certain factions were determined to foster only climate fear at the expense of all the real science that countered the climate alarmist views of the minority. This is truly spectacular and a pivotal moment, not just in the GW/CC debate (Global Warming/Climate Change) but also the Climate Engineering debate as it goes a long way to vindicating our claims that a conspiracy of silence exists in certain sectors of the scientific community in relation to the existence of current climate engineering programs.

Read the Daily Mail article here.

Finally someone in the UK scientific establishment had the courage to speak up against a growing cancer in the world of science, and not just one but 43 of them! Finally also it seems the press have had the courage to print this and show that eminent scientists have spoken up and exposed the fact that one of the world’s oldest and most respected scientific organisation has been led astray by a small network of complicit scientists, hell-bent on forwarding a corporate sponsored agenda, irrespective of what the real science or other scientists may say on the matter. We have also long suspected those core, complicit members to be networked with others in media and politics so as to achieve the comprehensive blackout of reporting of anything that refers to current climate engineering or that casts doubt on GW/CC. We have been saying this since 2012 and often been ridiculed, but this article goes some way to vindicating us and validating what we have been saying. What we see here is essentially strong evidence of our theory of what amounts to state control of our science to forward a poli-comm (political-commerical) agenda.

When laymen talk of things such as the Global Warming hoax and current Climate Engineering programs it is difficult for other laymen to decide who is telling the truth. It is often cited in scientific studies that scientists and doctors rank among the most trusted members of society, and journalists and politicians, unsurprisingly, as the least trusted. The best way around this difficulty is for the establishment to get a core group of scientists to do their dirty work and make the claims for them, thereby validating them almost beyond reproach and that is exactly what seems to have happened. Despite this ruse, when 43 scientists belonging to one of the core organisations involved speak up so dramatically about such a fundamental issue then you should all take note and consider the possibility that those who have been trying to warn you, and who you doubted for so long may actually be correct. Can we trust our scientific organisations any longer? It is also important to note that New Scientist, a company essentially owned by an aerospace conglomerate, refuse to publish anything that casts any doubt on Global Warming or its re-branded name Climate Change, while at the same time trotting off a long succession of climate alarmist articles that do little else except foster climate fear. We discuss climate fear in other parts of the site but it is important to summarise our view: we believe climate fear is being used to foster climate emergency, on the back of which climate engineering could be introduced without trials or public approval or worse still a state of emergency may be introduced which would allow our government to act in any area with impunity. This is at the core of this entire issue we feel, and is why a core of complicit scientists have been recruited to push forward this agenda, irrespective of what the real science says.

Why else are some sectors of our scientific community being so acutely biased to one way of thinking. The foundation of science has always been to question everything and discuss openly. That foundation is under serious threat from this network of corrupted scientists. It is important to note that they are just a small fraction of the scientific community, but sadly a very influential one. Most scientists are likely to be genuine, personable characters pursuing their goal to do good science in the hope it will be used in a morally just way and for good. The scientific community we encounter at climate engineering events seem also to be largely genuine, but many likely fall into the hinterland category of those who realise something untoward is happening, but are unable or unwilling, for reasons unknown, to speak up so they simply get on with their research and maybe hope their work is never abused. We expand on this more when we summarise the Cambridge Climate Engineering Symposium 2015 from which we have just returned.


Professor Michael Kelly is not the first person to be involved in a rebellion such as this. In 2011 Dr. Ivar Giaever resigned as a Fellow from the American Physical Society (APS) on September 13, 2011 in disgust over the group’s promotion of unsubstantiated climate alarmism. Once again it appears a major, global, scientific organisation has been corrupted by a small clique of scientists with a poli-comm agenda, probably backed by the same people behind the proposed climate engineering programs.

Read the article here.

The cracks are starting to appear in the damn. Let’s hope that what we are doing here helps those cracks to spread and that the damn finally collapses revealing not only the truth but the full extent of the lies and deceit of those behind it.

One again we refer you all to our adopted motto with a little addendum on it for fun:-

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time especially when the people you are trying to fool are scientists !

Abraham Lincoln, and