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Planes now make clouds – OFFICIAL !

For many years people who have suspected or known that Geo-engineering or Chemtrails were occurring now and are not just a futuristic vision or nightmare, depending on how you view the topic, have been largely ridiculed. This mainly took the form of people denying that planes actually made clouds, or even could. At the same time, these same people had an uncomfortable feeling of knowing that the trails that planes were leaving in the sky were natural and were just water vapour of course. When we say uncomfortable, we refer to the feeling that they thought they knew but when questioned were not quite sure why or how they knew. They just knew.

So, when we noticed the article below we were elated. Finally it is official. Planes are making clouds. They never used to obviously, but now they do, but it’s OK folks, nothing is wrong, it is just vapour trails… look into my eyes… everything is fine… you are feeling sleepy…


OK, joking aside this is monumental. One of the stated aims of this website is to ensure that when the people behind this program are forced by rising public awareness to admit it is happening, we will be there to make sure people know the truth and are armed with the correct knowledge about what is really happening so as to able to challenge it and say NO. We do not consent.

The admission that our weather is being affected by aircraft emissions, even if it were as innocuous as simple pollution, should have caused a huge stir, but instead is has slipped quietly under the general consciousness of society. We seem happy to accept that most days are now hazy or cloudy, or normally both as a direct result of air traffic being routed deliberately over populated areas. We think we know why that is the case but that’s a discussion for the rabbit hole. See TV Mind Control.

Why are people not up in arms at this admission. It is a not a full admission of the entire illegal Geo-engineering program’s existence, but trust us it is a precursor, probably done to test the water for our reaction. Sadly we seem to have proved that collectively we don’t care. We seem too busy looking at our smart phones to care what is unfolding in our skies. Tragic.

Please realise that this is really not good. It is a travesty of epic proportions and w really need to confront it. Even if this were simple pollution it would be totally unacceptable.

If you are in any doubt about the fact that planes should not be making clouds, then please see our article OWOW.


Here is the full article:

“Sending aircraft on long diversions could cut their contribution to global warming, a study has found.

Passengers may be forced to spend longer in the air because their aeroplane’s flight path could be altered at short notice to reduce the formation of condensation trails, or contrails.

Contrails disperse into wispy clouds which trap heat in the atmosphere, a study showed. These clouds, which can be 100 miles long, could contribute more to global warming than the carbon dioxide in the fuel burnt by the aircraft which formed them.

Contrails form only in regions of the sky where the air is very cold and moist, which is often in the ascending air around high-pressure systems. On average, 7 per cent of the total distance flown by aircraft is in such areas.

Researchers from the University of Reading found that aircraft would have less impact on the climate if they flew up to 1,000 extra miles to avoid these regions. The contrails formed on the shorter route would cause more warming than emissions from the extra fuel burnt on the longer route.

A short-haul aircraft such as a Boeing 737 could fly up to 10 times the length of the contrail it would have formed and still cause less environmental damage, even though it would have burnt more fuel.

Larger aircraft such as the Boeing 747, which emit more CO2 than smaller aircraft for each mile flown, could reduce their warming contribution by flying up to three times the distance of the contrail they would have formed.

Dr Emma Irvine, one of the authors of the study published in Environmental Research Letters, said: “Burning less fuel and cutting greenhouse gases . . . is a good strategy for limiting aviation’s climate impact. But it could be better for aircraft to stay in the air longer, if it means slightly altering their flight paths to avoid forming contrails.

“Airlines already take weather forecasts into account to avoid bad weather when planning flight paths. Forecasters can predict where contrails are likely to form, so airlines could use this to attempt to avoid creating contrails and . . . make the impact of aviation greener.

“Air traffic control agencies would need to consider whether such flight-by-flight re-routing is feasible and safe.”

Dr Irvine said it was difficult to compare the climate impacts of contrails and CO2 because the former can last hours while the latter can last decades.

She said that governments needed to consider the impacts of aviation when setting green targets because a measure designed to reduce fuel use could be counterproductive for some flights.

“Current mitigation targets do not yet address the non-CO2 climate impacts of aviation, such as contrails, which may cause an impact as large, or larger, than aviation CO2 emissions.”