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2 days in the south of England

Here we simply present a series of images taken over 2 days, June 27/28 and a time-lapse film recorded in the same area over 3 days this year on the south coast of England. We have not managed to identify any formations that resemble naturally formed cloud in any of the images or the film. In view of this is a fair statement to say that our skies are full, on most days of cloud-like formations resulting from aircraft emissions. Whether you accept that aircraft are spraying chemicals or not, the point here is that our sunshine is being blocked by aviation ’emissions’. One would expect that to be a point of urgent and public debate, and yet there is no mention of it by government or media, leading us to conclude that the subject has been black-listed. This obviously adds weight to those who argue that there exists deliberate and covert weather modification programs occurring in UK airspace.

It is still incredible that people on the street are either not noticing this of simply accepting it as normal. We attribute this to a combination of busy lives, mobile phones and conditioning in the media to this type of sky and in some cases just simple laziness.

There is a reason we chose the name of our website. Pages like this simply serve to remind people what a mess our skies are now. Essentially our sunshine is being blocked on most days, whether purposefully as part of a conspiracy or simply as a result of willful negligence on the part of the CAA, airline and government allowing unacceptable amounts of ‘pollution’ is irrelevant. You need to pay attention and do something. Otherwise, like all bad things, it will simply continue and become worse.

Enjoy !