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Mind the gap ! 900+ Celsius to -57 Ceslius in 2ms?

This is yet another great point that seems to have stumped even the most hardened chemtrail deniers. Look up had seen pictures of many trails that seem to emanate from a point source above the engine, but crucially the trails are seen forming within just a few meters from the engine. This got us thinking so we did some very basic calculations and realised that moisture, which is what chemtrail deniers claim is what we see forming these assorted trails, exits an engine as a complex mixture of gases at around 900 Celsius depending on operational circumstances, but for the purposes of the article lets say 900.

We looked at the cruising speed of the average commercial jet, which is around 800km/hr and realised that at that speed, the plane covers 2-3 meters, which is the smallest gap we see in images of chemtrails, in only 2-3 milliseconds (ms).

So we now have a problem, or should we say chemtrail deniers have a problem. Possibly an insurmountable problem because we have not had any viable explanation from anyone to this yet. If a super hot mixture of gasses including a small amount of moisture enters a temperate atmosphere at over 900 Celsius, there is no way, with the current laws of physics, that ice crystals, which is what these trails are supposed to be, can for in a split second. Absolutely impossible.

We challenge any so-called experts from any field to publicly explain how ice crystals can form from moisture contained in hot gases in an atmosphere that, on average is probably ranges from about -10 to -60 Celsius depending on altitude, in 2-3 ms.


no gap 1

When we first published this information we had people sending us videos of people throwing a cup of tea into the air in antarctica and seeing it freeze before it hits the ground, and claiming that was evidence that it is possible. So let’s think about this. Lowest average temperatures in those types of areas are around -60 Celsius. A cup of teas is generally around 80-90 Celsius when poured into a mug, and cools rapidly. So lets assume a worst case scenario of 90 Celsius to -60 Celsius in about a second. That’s pretty cool and a great party trick for the newbie explorer, but sadly for the chemtrail deniers it is not the same as 900 Celsius to -60 in 2ms. Totally different ball park and we maintain completely impossible under atmospheric conditions. One would need some form of cryogenic machine to achieve such drastic cooling, so it’s a non starter as far as we are concerned, but more importantly it should act as a vital clue as to what is really going on in the bigger picture.

We look forward to any experts clarifying this point if they feel able to.