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The EU is funding Climate Engineering

There is nothing good about the EU at all, and leaving will allow us to regain control of our industry, law, borders and food but most importantly our skies !

The general policy of this website is to remain focused on Climate Engineering so as to be specialised and not too broad. We occasionally venture into the Global Warming – re-branded Climate Change – Hoax debate for the simple reason that the impending sense of climate emergency that is being fostered by the EU and its affiliated environmental organisations is the only reason that Climate Engineering can legitimately be introduced officially, so making people understand that the reason for doing it is null and void will hopefully spur them on to support our campaign to have Climate Engineering completely banned and hopefully prevent the approval of trials, which amounts to continuation of the current programs.


The EU In/Out debate is, however, also intrinsically linked albeit in a more complex way. It is the EU and the European regulatory bodies that have failed to act in response to our calls to stop the current programs and who are, at the very top level at least, fully aware and complicit. It is the European laws and regulations that govern aviation that can and will prevent us from banning transient aviation from continuing to spray in our airspace. We could go on but you get the idea. It seems we have not learned our lesson from history. The last time a state of emergency was declared in Europe and we were almost forced to unite under one common European rule was in 1939 !

If we leave the EU, apart from all the obvious benefits like rescuing control of our industries, farming, fishing and borders, and even more importantly retaining control of our food supply by opting out of the deeply sinister and secretive TTIP agreement, we also reclaim sovereignty of our airspace and the ability to actually enforce basic legal measures to keep our air from contamination from chemicals sprayed by transient and domestic aircraft.


If you `are in any doubt about the magnitude of the harm the EU is doing to the UK then please watch this film. I need say nothing other than watch it and please heed the warnings and vote OUT .


If the above link does not work use this:

Beware. Everything the EU stands for is bad for us. Everything they do is moving us toward a state of corporate control of pretty much every aspect of our lives. Every policy they promote is about removing control and power from the people of the UK and handing it over to an unelected, corporate backed group of globalist power brokers. If we allow our country to stay in the EU we will effectively lose control of our society, and that includes our skies. Aircraft from the 3 global airline alliances will be able to continue to spray our skies with potentially harmful substances and control our weather or worse.

Please do your research and do not rely on the press for your opinion. Don’t succumb to the alarmist fear mongering being done by those who are clearly working together to push forward this agenda. The mainstream press are part of the globalist corporate machine. Think; this could be our last chance to save Britain from the dystopian globalist future that they have planned for us, and if you think that sounds crazy then remember there are many highly intelligent and respected people who have realised this reality and fighting against it. You just don’t hear about them in the press !


Ian Simpson