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At last some sense…

Initially we focused only on Solar Radiation Management but it inevitably led us to question the thing that is being used to justify its introduction, Global Warming – re-branded Climate Change due to no warming.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation was set up primarily by Lord Lawson and, among other things, seeks to put the Warming/Climate Change debate back into the realms of sensible discussion, which is exactly what society needs to counter the increasingly extremist reportage from the alarmist, mainstream, establishment media machine.

We rarely hear sensible, balanced discussion in the media or anything that counters the alarmist camp simply because the alarmists are all friends with those who run the media. It is a simple and well-known symbiosis, so when we see an organisation such as the GWPF producing balanced material and casting doubt on the biased and alarmist media stories it is a very welcome and much-needed, high-profile addition to the Warming/Climate debate. Politicians, scientists and other influential figures seemingly questioning the official line on the subject.

When we look at the Board of Trustees of the GWPF, however, it seems this may be just collective of The Old Boys Network, so how independent is it?

Similarly the Academic Advisory Council is riddled with ex Fleet Street editors, media-science correspondents and assorted others who are, or have been, deeply embedded in the establishment that has refused to acknowledge current SRM programs and simultaneously promoted GW/CC propaganda for many years. Of course we may come across as overly cynical here as we should welcome any support, especially at this level but we have, sadly, become deeply skeptical of anyone from the ‘establishment’ as we have realised in the 4 years or so we have been here doing this, that the Warming/Climate subterfuge has been carefully crafted over several decades and is incredibly complex and far-reaching, so almost nothing seems too far-fetched at times. Are we to believe that all these people have suddenly repented and seen the error of their ways and decided to fight the system and get to the real truth. Well if that were the case then they would probably also be reporting on the fact that 5-10 million tons of aerosols are being sprayed into our skies every year and that the MET Office are a very long way into a plan to completely control our weather and yet no mention is ever given to any aspect of weather modification, either existing or proposed, despite a wealth of evidence to its existence and a burgeoning industry built around the desire for, and technologies associated with, controlling our weather.

The Who Are We page is very interesting and inspires hope even a month the most hardened skeptics that there are those within the upper echelons of the politico-scientific establishment who really are on our side. We particularly liked this sentence in their set o principles:

  • We regard observational evidence and understanding the present as more important and more reliable than computer modelling or predicting the distant future.

The page then goes onto to list their achievements so far, and they are indeed admirable; all things we have been trying to encourage and have all hoped for. Despite this, there is a nagging doubt about the ultimate effectiveness and possibly even the true purpose and intentions of this organisation, simply because of who it includes. Who is to say that several years down the line they too will start to hold their hands up and say “we have tried and failed, and things really are starting to get serious now, so we need to start to consider extreme solutions”.  Those poor members of the public who have followed them and held hope that were not alone would crumble into submission and probably just give up.

It has to be said also, without venturing too far into the conspiratorial mindset, that it is hard to ignore the fact that Nigella Lawson was, until very recently, married to Charles Saatchi who is at the very core of the establishment subterfuge and best buddies with David Cameron, the man spearheading the removal of virtually all our rights and free speech in the next 5 years. Charles’ media organisation are responsible for producing most of the advertising we now see that features streaky, hazy and near-white skies in almost everything. There is no balance or variation, just white, and notably even in CGI so this is no circumstantial coincidence, this is a planned program of altering the public’s perception of what a sky should look like. As if altering the present were not suspicious enough, Saatchi and Saatchi were also behind the now infamous Railway children commercial for Virgin, in which a persistent trail was added to the sky and the sky whitened considerably from the original. Need we say more?

We have reached a regrettable situation in which it is impossible to take anything at face value anymore. Some will obviously attack us for being so quick to dismiss, but we are not saying yay or nay at this stage, simply stating a possibility. It’s too early to tell if this is simply an attempt at owning the opposition and so advise you all to keep an open mind but also a close eye on them. As with everything, time will tell.

We may expand on this article eventually if we have the time to read the website fully and determine if this organisation is truly independent and has the intention of promoting real science and truth, or if it may actually be yet another ruse in the establishments increasingly complex plan to fool the public into accepting climate alarmism and the subsequent plans to spray our skies with chemicals to save us all from the Climatic Armageddon that we supposedly face.

Despite all this negativity we remain hopeful at this stage. Having people at this level on our side is very empowering. Let’s just hope they don’t remove the woolly coats further down the line.