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Fade to grey

Yet another day that started blue and which was destined to be sunny has been decimated by a fleet of aircraft with no known origin or destination spraying chemicals unknown into our skies.

In the gallery below we see images from early morning until around 5pm. The sky is eventually covered from horizon to horizon with spreading trails from aircraft that are so thick they eventually formed what we call a blanket or white-out, completely blocking the sun.

There is nothing confusing about this at all, and there cannot really be any valid doubt about what is going on here. Planes have flown over London in unusually high numbers and left trails that have spread out to form a ubiquitous blanket of grey.

There are only 5 arguable points:

  1. Are the trails natural or the result of substances being sprayed during flight? Obviously this website has proved beyond reasonable doubt they are not natural, but it is a point that we must include.
  2. If they are not natural, are the planes regular passenger flights with paying passengers or is this a fleet of dedicated ‘sprayers‘?
  3. If they are regular flights, why do the flights that do this not broadcast ADS-B information like other commercial flights. This is the most suspicious part as we are not then able to see where these planes came from and where they fly, so they can fly around in repeated patterns and we are not able to prove that as we once were. The CAA are not able to explain this and become very defensive when questioned about it. We will be releasing an article about this specific point very soon.
  4. If they are regular passenger flights and these trails were natural then why are they routed deliberately over populated areas and not away from populated areas?
  5. If they are not regular passenger flights and are indeed a dedicated spraying fleet then why are Airbus A320s being used to carry out Climate Engineering. It seems odd that if this were a genuine programs designed to cool the atmosphere then commercial passenger aircraft would not be the ideal choice for the job, so we can only assume that the Airbus A320s are being used so as to try to disguise this activity as normal commercial traffic.

So we see the logical analytical process leads us inevitably to a situation where we must reasonably consider the most likely explanation for what we see is a fleet of empty, modified passenger aircraft being used to spray chemicals unknown into our skies. Rather than use military or other more appropriate aircraft, passenger jets have been modified to do this so as to try to hide the activity and make it seem normal or natural. This is then backed up by disinformation released by the The MET Office and now even the Department of Transport to try to mislead the public into thinking that the trails are indeed natural.

So… it is reasonable then to conclude that we are being lied to. A fleet of aircraft are being used to block our sunshine and we are being told it is not happening and that what we see is normal and natural. Anyone over 40 with a reasonably well function eyes and memory will know that it is not natural at all.

  • Planes never used to make clouds
  • Our skies were never full of lines
  • Our weather has never been defined by aviation emissions.

We are following up on all of the 5 points mentioned earlier and have some very interesting things we plan to release in the new year so stay tuned. One point we do have to make is that there are other websites that deal with this topic and which try to convince us that this is a military operation. This is a deliberate tactic to try to lead people to believe there is nothing we can do about it. It is not military at all, it is a corporate operation and so completely vulnerable to court action, which is where we are heading, so keep your wits about you when reading up elsewhere!

Moral of the story?

Do not simply accept what you are told by the establishment. Sadly, as we have proved beyond reasonable doubt, we can no longer assume that those in charge of society are being honest or open with us, or that they have our best interests at heart.

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey 😉