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Evidence and Theory of Current Climate Engineering Programs

We had just 10 minutes to present our evidence to a room packed with most of the world’s top climate engineering scientists. Our public talks are normally 3 hours with a further 30-60 minutes of Q&A, so this is akin to speed dating. We also described the task as similar to going to a meeting at the Vatican and trying to convince the pope and his assembled cardinals that not only did God not exist, but that religion was harmful. Obviously they know and are fully aware of both of these points, but the likelihood of any of them admitting them was -273 Celsius, aka absolute zero. Despite this it would be wrong to describe our attempt as futile. It was an extremely important exercise and one which may prove invaluable in the future fight to bring those behind the current programs to justice.

As we say in our summing up of the event as a whole, we cannot say for certain who knows what and who is involved and to what extent. It is entirely possibly, and indeed very likely, that many of those gathered at this event are not fully complicit and therefore may not know the full extent and effects of what is unfolding. Our talk serves 2 purposes then; to inform those that may not know the full story, but also to present the hard evidence to those that do. This will hopefully spur those involved in ‘research’ to realise that what they are working on has nothing to do with Climate Change and is simply a means to control the weather for financial or nefarious reasons. At the same time we hope to e able to prevent those who are fully aware of the full extent and effect of the current programs from claiming that they have not seen any evidence to suggest that Climate Engineering is happening now.

Quote from the talk:

If you can’t see what’s going on you are being paid too much