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Metrojet Flight 9268 update – mid air fireball

Media hysteria and the inevitable cover up

Well the inevitable has transpired and Putin has released a statement that explosive residue was eventually found on some parts of the debris of Metrojet Flight 9268. The terrorist explanation is, of course, extremely convenient for the authorities and those behind the Climate Engineering programs as it gets round most of the obstacles in explaining this one away. It also serves the complicit parts of the establishment very well in terms of bolstering the fear factor of IS and whole Syrian situation, while also, even more conveniently, allowing our government to increase efforts to ‘protect us’ by removing more of our freedoms and privacy and generally clamping down on every aspect of our lives.

Despite this convenient explanation, we are convinced that this was likely yet another explosion of the pressurised systems in the front cargo hold of the aircraft. There are some notable problems and inconsistencies in the official story, and story is the correct word, for that is exactly what we feel it is.

The explanations that initially flowed from mainstream media showed a very clear pattern. Almost immediately they claimed, with absolute certainty in some cases, things that were not proven or backed up with any evidence at all. This is not the first time they have been instantly sure of what happened even before investigators have had time to look examine the situation. Initial claims about a missile were quickly dismissed by military experts, so the stories quickly switched to a bomb on board. Slightly more tricky but they twisted and turned and eventually settled on an inside job by airside Jihadists. If they had not already obliterated the leading character in the global terror-drama, Jihadi John, we are pretty sure he would have been in there somewhere with his balaclava waving a picture of a plane and burning the American flag. The complicit media then went on to repeat over and over that the plane was downed by a bomb planted by ISIS, incorporating it into the general terrorist narrative as though it were fact, and yet event the Russian authorities were, until yesterday, stating very clearly that it was still unclear what had caused the crash. This tactic by western mainstream media is well-known; if you repeat something enough it becomes fact in people’s minds.



Investigators claimed right up until yesterday, that no trances of explosives had been detected. Then suddenly today Putin issues a statement that trances of explosives had been detected. Why did it take a week to find traces of explosives and why were there no signs of explosives on passenger bodies. As far as we know, no images of the damage from the explosion or the parts of the fuselage that they claim to have found traces of foreign-made explosives have been released to date.


Mid air fireball produces satellite heat signature

Russian authorities are now trying to claim that a 1kg bomb in a suitcase was the cause. We know this cannot be the truth because passenger luggage is not loaded into the front hold on Airbus A320 series aircraft anymore becuase that is where the ULD storage tanks that supply the aerosol dispersal systems are kept. See our article A320 dispersal systems. This can be easily corroborated by anyone who works at any airport, including the Sharm-El-Sheikh where the doomed flight took off from. The rear section of the aircraft was detached before it hit the ground and was found 3 miles away apparently. To some this may suggest a rear cargo hold explosion but we disagree. According to many who know more about this than we do we have read that the tail section often detaches during a rapid decent, purely due to the structure being unable to cope with the forces exerted on it. Also how can a small bomb in the rear cargo hold cause a ferocious mid air fire in the front section of the aircraft as it descends rapidly. This makes no sense. The aircraft took just a few minutes to descend from around 35,000ft, so the air flow would have been extremely strong towards the rear of the aircraft probably preventing any fire in the rear hold from moving forward at any significant pace. If the mid fuel tanks had been ruptured then surely the entire plane would have broken up immediately scattering debris far and wide.

Also CNN reported a heat signature was detected by satellite systems just before the aircraft went down. We suspect that if a bomb powerful enough to create a fireball big enough to register a heat signature on satellites were the cause then it probably would have blown the plane completely apart instantly, but we see from the image below that the fuselage was mostly intact, except for the tail section, right up until the moment of impact.


Projectile or explosives

We initially saw an image in a news footage of the scene immediately after the crash that showed a projectile puncture several feet below the passenger windows on a section of fuselage from the right side of the aircraft . The image seemed to be from the only large section of the fuselage to remain intact, and it can be clearly seen in the image below to the right of the main body between the wing and the cockpit. If that is indeed the case and that image was from that section then we have very strong evidence of an explosion in the front cargo hold causing a massive fire as we had initially predicted. The hole was several inches in diameter and clearly made from a chunk of something solid exiting through the right side of the fuselage at high-speed. Sadly we could not save this image at the time and are looking for it now.




The CNN report also cites investigator claims that no sign of explosives have been seen on the bodies of passengers, which would be expected in a bomb scenario.


If we then consider the recent explosion in the front cargo hold of the British Airways flight from Las Vegas – shown below – exactly the same thing happened, resulting in damage to the nearside of the left engine and a huge chemical fire. If this were explosives from a suitcase the damage would not have been a single, well-defined hole, but rather a large area of fractured, charred and torn fuselage. We can see from the Reuters image above that is clearly not the case. This aircraft has been burnt out as it lost altitude and has broken up on the ground. Close examination of film footage from the crash site reveals the sand is not charred between the bits of wreckage, so whatever fire there was probably did much of the damage in the air and did not burn for long afterwards on the ground.


BA-fireMore detailed information on this incident here


This is also consistent with a fire in the front hold. Listen to this report by CNN. Exactly the same thing happened with the 1996 TWA flight 800 which crashed off long island. That incident is widely regarded as one of the most obvious and blatant aviation cover ups in recent years. Another example in the same year was Valuejet flight 592 as the CNN report also highlights.

Think for a moment what would have happened to the British Airways flight (pictured above) if it had it taken off from Las Vegas before the explosion in the front cargo hold resulted in a massive chemical fire. It is likely the plane would probably have acted almost exactly as the Metrojet flight did, also registering a heat signature on satellite instruments, and breaking up into charred remains as it hit the ground.


Wakey, wakey !

We are utterly convinced that what we have just witnessed is yet another catastrophic failure in the Climate Engineering systems fitted to these aircraft, resulting in an explosion in the cargo hold, a huge fire, and the demise of yet another plane load of innocent people.

How many times can we watch this happen, and how many unsubstantiated and fanciful stories of suicide pilots and terrorist attacks can we listen to before the light comes on and the public finally accept that a massive international operation is in progress. A reckless and dangerous attempt to control our weather and the subsequent panic and theatrical hysteria that follows every time one of these systems fails. The equipment is now starting to fail more and more often and sadly this will continue. Planes will keep crashing, people will keep dying, and the complicit media will keep lying to us… and of course the sleepy public will keep believing them because confronting the truth would be just too bitter.

Uncomfortable information is never welcome, but like the lump in the breast, ignoring it could be far worse than confronting it.


Bury the story and move swiftly on

One final point. We will never be allowed to hear the actual flight recorders from this or any of the other similar incidents. No images or records of passenger phones have been, or will be released to prove what really happened. The media simply gorge on an orgy of graphic images and settled explanations before the stories are conveniently buried by something even bigger. In this case Russian athletics doping and then Paris. Te germanwings is a perfect example. The story created to explain that incident was so ludicrous it would have been laughable of it were not such a tragic event, but has anyone stopped to think that only transcripts of the flight recorder have been release; how convenient once again. Anyone can make up any old nonsense about suicidal pilots, but if it were true, we think they would waste no time in letting us hear the actual recording. Think about that!

Below we have a couple of articles that give a lot of detail about the event. We do not agree with the reasoning and explanations obviously as none of them consider our theory, but they do give valuable insight and images that when considered in the context of what we believe probably happened, could support our opinion. Crucially they also confirm our suggesting that the official story simply does not add up and that a cover up is in progress.

If you happen on the report containing image of the puncture hole in the fuselage please send it to us. To call the image important would be an understatement.


Sadly we can only sign off with the statement. Until next time…


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