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Politics and the climate engineering conundrum


Look-Up is not about politics per se, apart from trying to make people realise that the majority of politics is probably just theatre for reasons that become clear later in the article and the website generally. We have no allegiance to any party or ideology at all, and on a personal level have considered free thinking as the only way forward. Consensus based, cross ideology government, which is totally, and legally, separated from any form of business interests is the only fair way to run a true democracy. The reason we mention this is the lack of this form of approach is how and why we have found ourselves in a situation where private interests, global corporations, have been able to initiate and sustain a program of atmospheric manipulation – which essentially amounts to climate engineering – without any legal framework, public approval or official political approval, and in breach of the ENMOD among other things*.

This can only really be possible if our so-called governments are so heavily influence by corporate power and money that they are either powerless to prevent it, or are  actually so closely tied to the organisations involved that they could be considered part of it. Details aside,It is inconceivable to think that politicians at cabinet level are not aware of what is going on. If we accept that they do then that raises all sorts of other uncomfortable questions which we don’t deal with in the main part of the site, but touch on in the Rabbit Hole. We suspect many ordinary MPs are also aware of what is going on, but are not allowed to address the issue, by ministerial decree.

Many people have written to their MPs including us, and either had no response whatsoever, or been sent a pre-formatted letter – all identical – stating that what we see are contrails, and that there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. Leaving aside the fact that the evidence is clearly visible on any clear or partly cloudy day, with big streaks criss crossing our skies, and our air constantly saturated with hazy smog, the fact that all the letters are the same suggests they are not the thoughts and reactions of individual MPs, rather a universal, government-drafted response sent to MPs to send out to all such requests.

We don’t have one of the pre-formatted letters set out by regular MPs to hand, but we were recently sent this, which is a response from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Digressing slightly, it also seems odd that a government department even be named after what is essentially just a theory, and a now largely discredited one at that. It is akin to re-naming the Department of Transport the Department of Transport and Respiratory Conditions. Transport pollution is known to cause respiratory conditions so equally valid we feel.

Anyhow, the content of this letter is very interesting if we look at the specific wording chosen for the response:


DoECC MP response

To be continued very soon…


* We suspect, not having had the treaty analysed in detail yet, that clauses exist for peaceful or experimental use of weather modification techniques, that allow this to be happening. That said we don’t consider the scale of what is happening to be either peaceful or experimental.