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New kid on the block – barbed wire trails

Updated 12.09.2014

We have mentioned these elsewhere in the site, but we have a bit of an epiphany today. We think these trails are deigned to increase perceived temperatures, and may be the cause of the sunburn that is now becoming a regular occurrence for people, even in mild weather.



We discuss that whole sunburn issue in our other articles Sunlight, UV, smogs and Low-Level Ozone.

The evidence is purely circumstantial, as they appeared a few months back and we have had regular extreme heat and sunburn since. As the temperature goes up we see more and more of these trails. It could be argued that the conditions are changing the appearance of a current form of trail, however we still see the other 2 types, persistent and fibres, on a daily basis, just less of the persistent ones, and more of the barbed wire ones.

Following our time at the Climate Engineering Conference in Berlin we also learned a bit more about the systems used to disperse the chemicals. They are not simply pipes, and can control various factors of the aerosol, including droplet size, flow rate, density, and maybe even charge the material in some way. This helps in some ways, but it also complicates things for us, as we now can’t say that the different types of trail we see are actually different chemicals as they may simply be the same chemicals but manipulated in different ways to alter their behaviour.

Interestingly, and we will post some more images ASAP, we now also see combination trails, so you get 2 persistent trails on one side of the plane from 2 engines, and the new barbed wire type from the other side. Aside being a great way to make people realise this CANNOT be condensation, it lso shows that the introduction of a new type of  chemical is the likely cause.

More on this when we have time…