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Version 2 of the UK Climate Engineering Dossier

We handed in 2 copies of our dossier. Both were 68 pages of printed and bound documents weighing at several kilos and A4 size. They were handed to the custodian at the door of No. 10 and we filmed this.

Downing street claim to have lost them. Need we say more !

We are currently having version 2 prepared by lawyers so as to make the document more legally binding and will be finalising it over the next few weeks.

Version 2 will be handed into the new prime minister when government reconvenes in a few weeks.



Films of passenger planes with no passengers and chemical cargo at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Time lapse of skies being desecrated by planes.

Recordings of phone conversations with the organisations involved that prove a cover up is in progress. They can be clearly heard lying and contradicting each-other.

Our first legal case against one of the organisations involved.

Lab results of human tissue samples from UK.

Lab results of atmospheric fibres collected in the UK.





We still have a mountain of data to upload, but we are struggling with trying to get so many things done simultaneously. All in good time as they say. Despite the sense of urgency we feel, we also feel that the phrase slowly slowly catchy monkey has never been more appropriate.