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Climate Engineering Research Symposium documentary

Our documentary about the CER Symposium Berlin 2015

On May 1st we released the long-awaited documentary about this event.

The Climate Engineering Research Symposium 2015 – Berlin was the world’s second global Climate Engineering meeting of minds. We attended the first one organised by the IASS in Berlin in 2014.

During the first conference we realised something was very wrong with what we were being told by some of the scientists. Something was going on, so this year we decided to take a film crew and record our take on the event and speak to some of the most important contributors.

The interviews have also been published in full separately on our Vimeo page.

Prof. Dr. Mark Lawrence – Managing Scientific Director, IASS

Prof. Dr. Konrad Ott – Department of Philosophy CAU Kiel (Kiel University)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Oschlies – GEOMAR | Kiel Institute

David Morrow – George Mason University

Duncan McLaren – McLaren Environmental


A list of abstracts from the event can be found here.
About the documentary, the event and the wider picture as we see it

It is important to realise that though the documentary casts grave suspicion on the Climate Engineering industry and research base as a whole, it in no way infers that those contributing to this film are involved in covert weather manipulation activities. Certainly we feel that certain members of the scientific community are fully aware of the subterfuge we believe is happening and that some are actively involved in promoting skewed or even false science to support the agenda of a corporate/EU policy that is pushing the world into a mind-set of climate emergency. We feel this movement is a political one, nothing to do with science or our environment or protecting us from anything but is designed very deliberately to introduce a system of European and ultimately global governance.

There are many genuine scientists who work on climate science who are simply trying to interpret the data they have available. If they are not aware of the current programs or the intention of the corrupt minority at the top of the Climate Engineering world then they can be viewed simply as scientists doing their job. It is hard, though, to come to terms with the fact that scientists, especially atmospheric scientists, could not be aware of thousands of flights per day leaving persistent trails that are not supposed to exists or the fact that most cloud cover is now derived from aircraft.

This film does not seek to root out those people or point fingers at anyone, it simply deals with the facts and the science behind the subject to try to allow the public to grasp the subtleties of what is unfolding.

There are, however, some in the scientific community who are backed by Poli-Comm (politico-commercial) interests and who know full-well that there is no problem with our climate at all, and that any apparent problems are as a result of current atmospheric aerosol spraying programs that are already underway in our skies.

There are also those who appear genuine and sceptical of the situation as a whole. It is unclear at this stage if the sceptics in the scientific community are aware of current programs and are just not able or willing to speak up about the ‘inconsistent science’ that promotes the emergency mind-set, suffice to say that we are certainly not alone in our deep suspicion that something really big is going on, and that if we don’t expose it or prevent it from reaching it’s aim, we will be in really serious trouble.

Prof. Dr. Konrad Ott explained this perfectly when he likened the current drive by a small clique for the emergency mind-set to the rise of the Nazis, which is, of course as history tells us, how they managed to seize total undemocratic power over so much of Europe. We feel a similar situation is playing out now, but Climate Emergency is being used as one of the sticks to beat us into submission, the perceived threat of terrorism and immigration are the other two.

This film is the first in a series. We cannot continue with what we do without funding, so please visit our webpage and contribute to our next film.

We are fast unpicking and exposing what amounts to a massive attempt at subterfuge by a group of political and scientific criminals who seem intent on leading us towards a federal state of Europe and possibly a global government, and it seems they will stop at nothing to ensure they get their way.


Prof. Dr. Mark Lawrence

Scientific Director, IASS. We met Mark Lawrence at the CEC-14 event in Berlin last year where he opened the event.

Prof. Dr. Konrad Ott

Konrad Ott  is a Professor of Philosophy at the Christian-Albrecht University in Kiel. We also met Mr. Ott at the CEC-14 event last year.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Oschlies

Andreas Oschlies is a Professor of Marine Biogeochemical Modelling at the University of Kiel and Head of the Biogeochemical Modelling Research Unit at the GEOMAR

David Morrow

George Mason university

More information on David Morrow here.

Duncan McLaren

Duncan McLaren runs McLaren Environmental Research and Consulting and is a regular speaker at these events.


This interview is not yet available but will be posted soon.



The Berlin trip and documentary has totaled around £6000. Without your support we will be unable to continue to do this so please contribute if you can.

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