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Proof that Fakebook is filtering information

The images below are proof that Fakebook, as we like to refer to it now, is using algorithmic filtering to restrict the flow of sensitive information. By sensitive we mean anything the government don’t want you to see obviously.

We had posted about this before and of course the trolls piped up and declared we were stupid because we had our settings on Top Comments in the single image we posted, so above we have a series of images with all 3 of the settings options selected and still our comment about the newly released film of ours has been filtered so other accounts simply can’t see it.

We try to spread our information on important and relevant web pages but nobody ever sees it. The example above was a link to our new documentary about the Climate Engineering Symposium 2015, which sheds light on the emergency framing that the clique of corporate-backed, globalist scientists at the core of the Climate Engineering movement are trying to promote. Its a powerful film with a crucial message. When we share it, like our other films, nobody sees it. Now we know why.

Even if we had done this we still feel that Fakebook’s policy of defaulting to Top Comments, or the fact that that option even exists is tantamount to filtering in itself. One will always find that anything ‘sensitive’ does not appear in top comments in favour of banality and comments that agree with the article or are non-confrontational.

There is no valid reason for this so we can reasonably conclude that Fakebook is allowing sensitive information to be filtered to most  if not all viewers to those pages. It is common knowledge that Fakebook has allowed Microsoft access to its coding by selling part of the company to them, so as to implement the algorithmic filtering that we see. It is common knowledge that Fakebook has allowed UK secret services, via the British Army, access and special privileges.

77th Brigade is a dedicated 1500-strong newly created army unit, set up at the specific bequest of David Cameron. Its role is very specific; to troll Fakebook, manipulating people’s views and restricting the flow of information. The government publicly announced this program so it is very real. The only reason they used the army instead of MI5 was to keep the operational details behind the official secrets act so we could never know the real truth about what it gets up to, but any truther or activist will confirm that it is extremely difficult to share anything sensitive on social media because we are repeatedly targeted and filtered by this unit.

So next time someone says… look how few people have liked our posts or seen our information, it is not because people are not interested, it is because virtually nobody has seen it.

We also know that when we promoted posts on Fakebook our money has been completely wasted. We spent many thousands of pounds promoting important posts and were confused why we got no response at all. We hired a small firm of tech-geeks who analysed the behaviour of the posts and their reach, and also the accounts that Fakebook said we had reached. Their report concluded that not only were the figures being manipulated but that most of the accounts we were told we had reached were not genuine people, and were accounts set up by people simply so as to be used for that purpose.

We were initially shocked by this but it seems perfectly obvious now we have had time to dwell on this information. Needless to say a court case is pending to re-claim the money we wasted.


Please don’t fall victim to the establishment’s attempts to brand anyone who discovers something like this as a paranoid conspiracy theorist. This stuff does go on and is even admitted to by government, so indeed we must accept hat we already live in an Orwellian society.

The simple fact of the matter is that is government were doing nothing wrong or bad they would not have to know everything we say and do and control the flow of information.

We refer the jury to our previous comments about Fred The Tramp.

Fred the tramp used to sit on the bench in London and drop painkillers in his super strength lager. He would tell us stories about how he used to be a scientist and discovered cures for things, but was discredited and bankrupted. None of us believed a word he said, but we smiled and occasionally joked with him and about him afterwards. As a far as I remember nobody set up websites to discredit him, made spurious accusations about him on Facebook, called him names or tried to discredit him seriously to others. Nobody would bother investing large amounts of time or money into trying to prove what he said was lies, because there seemed no point. So when you look at highly-organised and well-presented website that deal simply with the process of trying to debunk evidence that shows illegal activity, one should question their motives and indeed, their very existence. Why bother? If we really were mad and paranoid one would expect them to simply laugh and ignore us.

Please use your brain.

We are being lied to.

Our information is being filtered.

The establishment is trying very hard to prevent the truth coming out about what it is up to because it is up to no good, in fact much worse…