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Most obvious aerial spraying over London this year

As the natural weather improves, pressure goes up and moisture levels drop it seems that the trails are starting to be more visible. Many online commented that this level of activity is unusual. Sadly not, and we often see this frequency of aircraft crossing London leaving persistent trails. There were, however, 2 important differences on Sunday 12th.

1. The air was dry and so there was no induced-cumulus to hide the trails. The day started off sunny and was slowly covered with a lattice of spreading trails from transient international flights from Europe using Airbus A320 family aircraft. Several days earlier we had counted 37 aircraft in one hour, and the 12th April was no different, just that the trails were much more visible.

2. unusually none of the aircraft we saw spraying were listed on We have screenshots to prove that all of these aircraft were flying over London and not broadcasting any flight data. We believe this is contrary to flight regulations and will be speaking to the CAA about this.



We have included some close-ups of the aicraft responsible so you can look at the trails in detail. It is clear that these trails differ from aicraft to aircraft and even from one engine to the next. They also all seem to originate from a point source in the pylon, not the rear of the engine, which is consistent with our evidence about the pylon pipes. 3 distinct parts to some of the trails can also be seen, with the 3-part trails going on to form the now familiar bracelet patterns as the heavier material sinks. We also worked out that the  individual puffs in the bracelet pattern persistent trails are as a result of the pulse ejection system that is linked to the 3 and lower pipes on the 3-pipe systems on Airbus A320. We presented this evidence at Cambridge University recently.

It is important to note that many of these aircraft are being routed deliberately out of their direct route to their destination so they pass over London. We talked about this in another recent article Smogs Caused by Aicrarft Emmissions. This is a big clue as to what is really going on here, and further evidence that this is no incidental air pollution, this is a deliberate strategy to fill our skies with ‘something’.



Once again we also saw the unusual levels of sunburn in people who had merely sat in the spring sunshine even for a few moments. Deep red cheeks, noses and arms. It is impossible to get burnt from normal sunshine in such a short time in a temperate zone, and especially in spring, so we suspect something is going on here and by that we mean a possible chemical reaction in the body. We wrote about this some time ago in our article Sunlight, smog, UV and low level ozone.


Look Up – Point Up –  Speak Up

Please keep looking up, pointing up, and speaking up. We really must wake the masses up to the wholesale destruction of our skies. Remember, even if you, or the people you speak with, refuse to accept hat the trails are deliberately sprayed, it is still a completely unacceptbale situation for high numbers of aircrafgt to be routed deliberately over London and to be allowed to pollute our skies, and ultimately block our sunshine.


Global March – 25.04.2015

Please join us and hundreds of others representing the many thousands around the country that will meet and march in Hyde Park on April 25th to protest against all forms of aerial pollution from aircraft.