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Army Announces New Govt. Trolling Brigade…

The British army has announced it is creating a special force of online operatives, that will focus on psychological operations on social media, with specific reference to Facebook.

Hot on the heels of our article about Facebook being heavily infiltrated by disinformation agents, trolls and other such operatives that seek to disrupt the flow of information from genuine concerned citizens, we suddenly hear the announcement from the UK government about its new Facebook Trolling Task-force. It seems they are not even trying to hide their efforts to undermine truth anymore, and have simply told us about a new division of disinformation agents ready to further flood our public forums to prevent us disseminating our thoughts, teaming up with others to take action and generally make a stand against our deeply corrupt system of government. Let’s remind ourselves that this is the man who promised us transparency. Maybe this is what he meant though; he is going to let us know when he introduces new draconian measures to monitor what we do, on the phone, on the internet, and in pretty much every other aspect of our lives. Why are they so utterly obsessed with knowing everything we do, say and even think?

The 77th Brigade will be based in Hermitage in Berkshire. This new division is reported to be 1,500-strong and will comprise soldiers drawn from across the army, both full time and reservists. The only official pre-requisite will be knowledge of journalism and familiarity with online media, and the brigade’s speciality is described as non-lethal warfare, however there is little doubt that what we are witnessing here is the public acknowledgement of CI PsyOps, or Counter Intelligence Psychological Operations, so those trained in intelligence will surely form the backbone of this new team.

An army spokesman said: “77th Brigade is being created to draw together a host of existing and developing capabilities essential to meet the challenges of modern conflict and warfare. It recognises that the actions of others in a modern battlefield can be affected in ways that are not necessarily violent.”

As with everything else that is unfolding among the current scenery placed on the global stage, it is  disguised as something to protect us against the perceived threat of Islamic extremism, possibly with a pinch of Putinophobia thrown in for good measure, but to most thinkers this seems yet another step in the now alarmingly accelerated progress of ‘The Clamp Down‘ that we have been trying to warn others of.

What most members of the sleepy public won’t be aware of is that British, US and Israeli secret services have been operating these kind of operations for as long as social media has existed, so this really is nothing new.

Lets look at a document produced by British secret services; this is page 3 of that document.

You can read the entire document here – full-spectrum-cyber-effects-final

Anyone who has tried, even in a small way, to expose any government or national/international wrong-doing at all will testify that Fakebook – as we now refer to it for obvious reasons – or indeed the internet as a whole, is awash with shills as they are mostly known – people employed to disrupt, denigrate, ridicule, undermine, counter and generally prevent sensitive information reaching people or being believed.

It is also common knowledge now that Police run special ops groups that focus on physical infiltration of protest movements, so the claim this is all about protecting us is utter nonsense. It is about protecting them and what they are doing secretly without our knowledge and consent. Several high-profile cases reaching the Royal Courts of Justice only recently in which police operatives assumed false identities and had relationships with activists, simply to gain information about them. The editor of this website was also the victim of a police led corralling operation to profile and monitor him in the summer of 2013. Further court action is still pending on that and you can read more on it here.

NB. we must make absolutely clear that this website is not anti-police. The vast majority of police are honest and decent people, and in the event this situations develops in the way we fear it might, they will be our only hope of stopping it in its tracks so consider that please.

The lengths our government will go to infiltrate, profile, surveil and monitor anyone who takes anything more than a passing interest in what they are doing is treated as if they were a terrorist. Indeed this is why Mr Cameron is so hell-bent on changing the law to ensure any activists/truthers can be classed officially as domestic terrorists, and tried accordingly.

[See also Terrorism, The Law End The End Of Free Speech]

One has to question why the government, if they were not doing terrible things, would be so completely obsessed with watching and listening to the entire population of the UK. Obviously if you follow this website you will know the reality is that, at best they are perpetrating a crime of unimaginable proportions against their own people, so it comes as no surprise they are so paranoid and determined to know everything we say so they can monitor what we know, and move in a neutralise anyone who becomes too much of a risk or who is reaching too many people.’s Fakebook account alone has over 500 Fakebook accounts on our banned list. 99% of those accounts are fake or empty accounts created by ‘shills’, the common name for these kinds of operatives. It is impossible to know exactly who or where these people are, so it is possible that they are existing US intelligence, but it is more likely that UK intelligence and Police special ops are used against British ‘targets’ simply because they understand more accurately the language, mindset and terminology of UK residents.

So why would the UK government need yet more operatives and why specifically the Army. One very important possible reason is that we have been investigating taking legal action against MI5 for a number of things. They know this and have even tried to ridicule the idea itself on our Fakebook page. Predictably they have been obstructive in so far as refusing to respond to an FoI request to supply a copy of their file on the editor of this website. Their rather lame response was to suggest “in line with government policy, we are neither able to confirm nor deny…”. This is clearly not the case, and they are bound by law to respond or provide a very good reason why they cannot respond because it is in the interests of national security not to. Obviously if our court action results in the file being found and handed over (before they manage to lose it), the entire establishment will end up with a very serious problem. Why have they been surveilling a member of the public who has no criminal or terrorism links, and simply runs a website about something they claim does not exist. This is the same person who has been subjected to relentless attacks on Fakebook probably by their employees. Attacks on character, slander, exposing personal details and generally attacking the editor in every way possible. Need we explain further?

So to get to the point, being MI5 they are subject to British law, a code of conduct and FoI requests so this new drive to publicise the army as the new face of domestic, as well as international spying could serve several very interesting purposes

1. to admit publicly that this behaviour exists, but give the impression it has only just started.

2. to allow the exponential growth of the these types of activities, and deter people from trying to prevent it, because they will now perceive it to be normal and in their interests. Again we see the normalisation of something most would have once considered unacceptable.

3. hide the operation nice and safely behind the Official Secrets Act, so as to exempt it from troublesome people such as us who can currently submit FoIs and take legal action for harassment and slander.

They claim to be launching this new division in April, so we will let you know how things go on our Fakebook page. Maybe they really are after Islamic terrorists, but if the truthers and thinkers of this world are correct, and IS is simply the latest CIA operation to destabilise a region the US wish to conquer and to foster yet more Islamaphobia, then this will help them in their mission to encroach yet further on our freedoms of speech and ability to disseminate information about things we care about on the back of that. It is also possible that secret services have simply not got enough resources to cope with the huge amount of people who are now waking up to this and assorted other bitter realities, and need to be able to Destroy | Deny | Degrade | Disrupt even more people than they had imagined.

“77th Brigade is being created to draw together a host of existing and developing capabilities essential to meet the challenges of modern conflict and warfare [the internet]. It recognises that the actions of others in a modern battlefield can be affected in ways that are not necessarily violent.”

The 77th Brigade will engage in psyops (psychological operations) to try to influence the opinions of civilians, as well as looking to change the behaviour of those engaged in activism and exposing truth in a number of different fields, not just Climate Engineering. The idea is, and has always been, to try to claim that anyone who questions the official line on anything is stupid, paranoid, crazy, tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists etc, you get the idea. They will likely suffer hacking, algorithmic restriction of anything important or sensitive they post on their Fakebook page, plus being flooded with posts that disagree with them, post false counter-evidence and generally do to them what it says on the tin:

Destroy | Deny | Degrade | Disrupt | Protect

The internet is now essentially the rope in a psychological tug of war, with good pulling against evil. Collectively, though quite stupid and gullible, ‘the people’ have had the edge simply because of numbers. If this new outfit manage to achieve their objective we will see a massive increase in disruption to everyday people’s efforts to seek and disseminate truth which might actually tip the balance in favour of those who seek to control us.