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This website deals with Climate Engineering, also known as Geoengineering in the US. Both terms refer to the aircraft trails we see in the sky which never used to exist but now cover our skies on most days, blocking our sunshine and making life a lot more miserable than it would be.

I spent 5 years investigating this subject. Everything you need to know is here. I believe I have shown beyond any doubt that The MET Office, NATS and all major, commercial airlines are involved in weather modification programs on a daily basis. There are many others, involved but they are the main players. They are blocking our sunshine and causing huge amounts of rainfall which would not have occurred naturally, flooding our farmland and making our lives a misery.

The air pollution scam – It’s not cars, it’s planes and it’s deliberate.

As the Mayor of London – Sadiq Khan – bleats relentlessly about poor air quality in London he knows full well that ground traffic is not to blame for the smogs we now endure in our cities and indeed, right across the UK.

He knows that hundreds of transient, transatlantic flights are routed out of their way to fly very low over London and other populated areas of the UK, while broadcasting false ADS-B altitude information so as to appear at normal cruising altitude, whereas these flights are almost all under 20,000ft.

He knows that diesel vehicles are cleaner than ever before and that overall traffic volume has not changed much since 2000, up only by about 10%, but emission from ground traffic have dropped as the increase in traffic has been more than offset by improvements in engine technology. We did not have smogs in 2000 and the only other factor in the equation is aviation which is being deliberately excluded from the entire debate.

He knows that the LEZ and ULEZ, as well as the congestion charge, are basically taxes on drivers and an attack on the diesel vehicles in the London Black Taxi trade. He knows that none of these charges will make any difference to the levels of pollution. Several studies have shown and that charges will make no difference to people’s health or save any lives and alarmist figures about deaths caused by pollution are entirely fictitious. Indeed Sadiq Khan has recently been outed as lying about pretty much everything. The true figure for deaths from pollution in London over the past several decades is one. Yes, one person. The smogs are not coming from ground transport. He knows this and understands very well that the easiest way to improve air quality is to re-route transient aviation away from UK populated areas or away from UK airspace altogether.

He knows because we have told him and supplied supporting evidence by email, by phone and to both his mayoral Office as well as his parliamentary office. We know he got them because we checked but guess what… not a single response to any of them. Not a word.

I believe I have enough evidence to prove this in a court of law so if you are planning any legal action please do get in touch and I can certainly help. As people cut down ULEZ cameras and hold protests about this, as valiant as these things are, they will simply be ignored. The only way to change this situation is legal action. I was on the verge of this in 2017 but sadly I was forced out of my job due to this campaign and so had to abandon my efforts due to lack of funds, but I am now back in action and if i can raise the funds I will try to get the Judicial Review into court.

The Mayor of London is completely ignoring this:

An Airbus A380 jet deliberately pumping thick smoke into the atmosphere over northern Europe. It is impossible for a modern jet to produce a black trail. Watch the shocking film here

The Mayor of London is also completely ignoring this:

Hundreds of transient transatlantic flights are routed out of their way to fly over London every day, most of which fly unnecessarily low, as low as 16,000ft, dumping tons of aerosols that fill our air with smog. See more similar images here.

Here is a short film showing one of the many hundreds of flights that fly abnormally low over London almost every day

We know that the diesel/smog crisis is fabricated. The true intention of the so called ‘crisis’ is about introducing new taxation measures¬†and forcing individuals and small businesses to invest in expensive new Electric Vehicles. Those who do even the slightest research will understand that Electric Vehicles cannot replace petro-fuel vehicles with current technology and current infrastructure and all the evidence to date suggest it is a long way off, possibly decades away. So the upshot is that this plan is a trap to impoverish people, prevent them from working, travelling and running their businesses effectively. Essentially an attack on the working and middle classes.

On the wider implications, commercial aircraft are deliberately releasing harmful substances into the atmosphere during flight. The reasons for this are numerous and are discussed in the various section of this website so we encourage readers to explore as much of the site as possible.

Sadly this campaign has been largely dormant since 2017. I had to move on. As with most activists who expose wrongdoing at national and international level, the powers that be made every effort to sabotage my life and succeeded to a large extent. I am still observing and thinking about this pretty much full time and am in the process of reviving the campaign during 2024.

I hope this site will educate and inspire others to take note of what is happening and challenge it. We have a right to clean air, sunshine and to a safe and healthy environment. Nobody has the right to poison us or our environment.

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