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About the subject


Climate Engineering, also referred to as Geoengineering, is defined as the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system with the aim of reducing global warming. Climate engineering has two categories of technologies carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management. This website deals very specifically with with one type of solar radiation management – aerosol spraying – or the spraying of chemicals into the atmosphere to create cloud-like formations.

The basic evidence is that planes are spraying chemicals unknown and other tiny particle which we think are tiny plastic fibres, into the sky. These substances combine with moisture in the atmosphere to form unnatural (fake) clouds or ‘induced’ clouds*. Both of these types form part of the current climate engineering program. There is also a third type which we discovered and termed smokers. These are commercial planes pumping thick black smoke into the skies above Europe. Watch the film here. We believe this type of spraying is linked to what we termed CO2 forcing – the deliberate introduction of huge amounts of CO2, so as to manipulate the global atmospheric CO2 level figures. The obvious reason for doing this is so as to create a mindset of climate emergency that the perpetrators of this program are trying to foster, so as to give them good cause to execute the primary programs. There is no official admit ion to the current programs yet, but scientists at the Cambridge SRM Science symposium were very clear that they were pushing for trials to begin very soon, so whether you think this exists now or not, it will do very soon.

It is important to realise that climate engineering of any kind is still illegal as a result of various treaties that ban any interference in our climate, one of which is the ENMOD treaty. This is probably one of the reasons politicians are refusing absolutely to acknowledge the issue, even as a proposal, because they know the public will balk at the idea.

There are many people, literally hundreds of thousands or possibly even millions now, around the world now that accept that large-scale climate engineering programs are already underway. One-third of Greece’s population acknowledge the existence of weather modification, and we feel this is perhaps why they rebelled against their main political parties for failing to address the issue. This website forms part of that burgeoning community and aims to inform people about the current illegal programs happening in our skies in the UK and Europe, but also the imminent approval of what are termed trials. Once trials are approved, it basically means the full-scale continuation of what we already see in our skies, the only difference is we will have no power to stop them. our government, at ministerial level, and the small clique of corporate backed scientists behind this insane idea are trying very hard to keep this as quiet as possible, so they can slip in trials and then expand them nationally and internationally without us even noticing. We think that is completely unacceptable and tantamount to subterfuge.



There are many terms banded about that refer to this technology, and we try to summarise it briefly here.

Climate Engineering C.E. (aka geo-engineering G.E.) is an assortment of proposed methods of protecting us from the supposed threat of Global Warming – rebranded Climate Change due to no warming having occurred. This website is concerned with only one of those techniques, the spraying of aerosols into the atmosphere. Officially known as S.A.G. (Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering) it proposes spraying sulphuric acid* into the stratosphere (above 60,000ft) . The idea is reflective particles in the stratosphere will reflect the sun’s rays and so prevent the supposed warming so as to ‘protect us’. The fact that the world hasn’t warmed for 19 years does not seem to matter to those behind these schemes./ They are hellbent on spraying stuff into our skies no matter what the science says.

We firmly believe that aerosols are being sprayed into our atmosphere already, but that it is being done at much lower altitudes, typically 18,000 – 36,000ft, by commercial aircraft.

Following our presentation at the Climate Engineering Conference 2014 in Berlin, this website has adopted the term Climate Engineering as the so as to fall in line with official terminology. We feel it make sense to speak the same language if we are to be accepted as part of the official debate on this issue. Though Climate Engineering is an umbrella term for many techniques, we use it here to refer specifically to atmospheric aerosol spraying. the reason is that newcomers to the topic seem to understand immediately what it means, as they have been force-fed Climate Change by the media for so long, and the terms are very similar.

Our Position

We firmly believe Climate Engineering programs are already underway, at least in trial forms if not full-scale. We feel we have very strong evidence to back up our claim, much of which is presented in other parts of this website.

What we don’t know yet, is what effect it is having on our climate systems, human health and environment as a whole, both short and long-term, or why it is being carried out, and to what end. We DO suspect that at least some of the substances being sprayed are affecting our health in some way. We can’t say exactly how yet, and so shy away from using dramatic language such as ‘poisoning us’. has carried out provisional laboratory tests on human tissue samples but the results were inconclusive. For those reasons we cannot say conclusively that what is happening is harmful, but we can say that is it wrong, dangerous, illegal and must be stopped at all cost. Despite the lack of hard scientific evidence there is a wealth of circumstantial evidence that all seems to point in one direction. This is happening now and it is really not good. We are now carrying out further more detailed tests which we hope to publish in the coming months.

Our Message To You

We often encounter the argument by some that we should “prove it is harmful” before we can be taken seriously. We disagree. Nobody should be spraying anything into our skies without us knowing all about it and having approved it by public debate.

If you neighbour popped round one day and pointed out that your milk was slightly green, and the following day slightly greener still, would you continue to drink it and say to them “prove it is harmful before I take you seriously”? No, we think not! You would likely be on the phone to the dairy immediately demanding to know why? This situation is no different, apart from the obvious fact that it is vastly more serious.

Please.. stop ‘apping’ around on your smart phones and start being smart yourselves. Look Up. Think about what you see. Read as much as you can about it here and tell others. If you can help in any way please do. We are struggling to do everything that needs doing and time is against us. If trials are officially approved we think it will prove very difficult to prevent them continuing, whereas if we can prove this is happening now and stop them, then we have a much stronger case. How dare they interfere with our weather and the air we breathe.

The subject is large and complex but we cannot afford to ignore it or pretend everything is OK, or that everything will be alright. It isn’t and it won’t be unless we get our skates on and stop this. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most serious challenge we have ever faced. How can we allow private, corporate organisations to enact such a large and dangerous program of modifying our atmosphere without the knowledge and consent of society as whole and rigorous tests and assurances of safety, none of which have been considered or offered by those proposing the trials.

In fact they really don’t want us to think about this at all. If they succeed, they will simply start to spray (or continue to spray) our skies without a single announcement or process of public approval. We cannot allow that to happen.

Nothing is more fundamental to us than our sunshine and the air we breathe. Please think seriously about that.

The Look-Up Team



*Sulphuric Acid is the latest suggestion of Professor David Keith, often referred to as the Climate Engineering Tsar. He used to suggest Aluminium nano particles were the best thing for the job, but we attended a pair of 1 hour lectures late in 2013, in which he had suddenly changed his mind, and now advocates Sulphuric Acid.

Read more about David Keith and the links between Climate Engineering and the global corporations.