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New drop-clouds identified

As the game of cat and mouse intensifies, the people and organisations behind the Climate Engineering programs are having to use their imagination and come up with new and more subtle ways to fill our skies with substances that turn into cloud cover. In 2013 when we first became aware of what was happening in our skies the techniques used were akin to bulldozers crashing through a building site. Fleets of 3 or even 4 planes would travel in formation and criss-cross across the sky repeatedly leaving massive thick trails that would turn the entire sky grey in a matter of hours.

We still see this behaviour, which we termed combination therapy, occasionally but only when the sky is already sufficiently covered so as to make it less visible.

3 aircraft in formation. Each trails is different !

More than 3 years on and our campaign to expose this insanity has had far-reaching effects. The behaviour of aircraft involved in these programs has changed dramatically. In 2014 we saw unmarked flights almost completely disappear following our threat of legal action against the Secretary of State for defense. Sadly the airlines involved have returned to this behaviour. ADS-B broadcast tactics have also changed; we have seen the introduction of false altitude data being broadcast on ADS-B as well as the tendency of many participating airlines to switch on ADS-B only well after take off. We have taken up with the CAA recently, who repeatedly stumbled during the conversation and eventually refused to comment further.

We will expand on all this in another article coming soon about tracking, navigation and the CAA but here we deal with what we think is yet another world first for


Drop clouds

Patterns and types of spraying have also changed dramatically. Long and obvious persistent trails are becoming less common as people start to question what they see in our skies. As a result the techniques used to execute these programs are becoming increasingly subtle.

Fortunately we realised that time-lapse cameras reveal all. They really are a gift to us and can be used to show those with little inclination or time to look at the sky exactly what a mess it is on most days, but more importantly how the substances dumped by aircraft behave and turn into assorted cloud types.

As persistent trails are used less often we have seen the increasing prevalence of short shimmery trails. They have always existed, but we had assumed that they were exclusively used to saturate the sky with fibres so as to form the Induced Cumulus, but it seem the short trails may contain others types of substances that are literally falling from cruising altitudes to lower altitudes and forming strange cloud-like formations a short while later. We think they are the same substances used in the persistent trails because the cloud-like formation they produce look the same once formed. We have, for obvious reasons, termed these drop clouds.

In the film below we see tantalising evidence of this behaviour.

What appears to be happening here is the release of substances that are falling to a lower altitude where they suddenly turn into cloud cover. Obviously when viewed in normal time this process is not noticeable but therein lies the beauty of time lapse. We see the process happeing before our eyes. Unmistakable.

We cvan’t say that we understand the process exactly, but we feel that whatever it is they are releasing is being activated or affected in some way by something that exists at that altitude.

We know form the formation of the induced Cumulus clouds which only form over land, that something exists that is able to affect in some way, particles in the atmosphere when they drift inland. It is likely that because the public were noticing in increasing numbers the persistent spreading trails, that a new methodology has been developed. It is possible that the same substances that were used to form persistent spreading trails are now being used in a slightly different way so that they only appear or form in conjunction with whatever it is that exists at that lower altitude.


Radio towers

Sorry if that all sounds a bit confusing. We have suspected for some time that a network of radio masts that have sprung up around the coun try in the past few years may be involved in some way. These masts, though sometime doubling up as towers for mobile telecoms equipment, feature something that does nto fit with any known technology, so it is entirely possible that this is the land-based ingredient that is making these substances change appear or react in some way to form cloud cover.

Certainly it is not possible for clouds to form and disappear at the coastline. We are currently trying to delve deepewr into these things and will update as and when we have more4 information. In the mean time, please if youc an afford it, buy yourself a good time-lapse camera. We recommend one on this page or alternatively a cheaper option is to get the app that allows you to both film and display flight information.We will update this as soon as we have more information on that.



The above Youtube channel has some stunning evidence of both Drop Clouds and Induced Cumulus, both of which can be clearly seen appearing at the coastline.


More on all this soon as we can.