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A day in the life of a London sky

“One fine day…”used to be the start of many a story. Today though most days that start off fine rapidly deteriorate as a fleet of aircraft fly over the UK repeatedly, leaving spreading trails that turn our beautiful blue dawns into streaky, hazy, and eventually grey skies.

As London’s fast-paced population scuttle about they seem completely unaware of what is unfolding above their heads, so we captured a few images that spanned a single day to show them what they are missing as they read the papers and fidget obsessively with their dumb-phones.

There are lots of images, and some are series of images to show the progression of aircraft trails as they spread. Remarkably some people are still in denial about the fact that our weather is being, at best affected by, or at worst controlled by ’emissions’ from commercial aircraft.

To those people we say simply:

If you can’t see what is going on then you are just not looking !


Public debate?

Ministers and MPs have obviously been ordered to stonewall all inquiries but by doing so they are adding fuel to the fire. If this were simple pollution there would be a massive public debate on why aircraft emissions are blocking our sunshine, not to mention why NATS – National Air Traffic Service – are routing the offending aircraft out of their way to pass over the UK most populated areas.. That debate is not allowed to happen because we are not supposed to even think about this. Whoever is responsible is hoping very hard that we wont even notice it so they can sneak it past us for long enough to normalise it.

Sorry guys but we have noticed, we are not happy and we want answers.

Once again we refer our ministers to our website’s adopted motto:

You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.


All images taken Monday 22nd June – West London – Canon 6D / Canon EF24-105 lens.

Nothing you see in any of these images is natural cloud cover. Every bit of what you see originated from an aircraft. If you are in any doubt then just take a day off work, sit in the park with a camera and do this for yourself.