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CERS Berlin – Schedule

 Below is the programme for the event.

The full .pdf is viewable here.

We discuss briefly what we are interested in and expect from each part of the program at the base of each page.

Tuesday, Day 1

Of particular interest to us will be the mooring sessions, especially Cirrus Cloud thinning. We know Hugh’s information quite well now and we are pretty sure it won’t be much different from Cambridge. The afternoon see,s to be the usual attempts to undermine all other techniques other than Aerosol Spraying, a themes we have highlighted several time and one which will be emphasised throughout this and other similar events we are sure.

Sadly our poster was refused from this event. Obviously too embarrassing for them to handle haha. Check out the Cambridge poster here .

Day 2

Of particular interest in a packed second day is Exploring Termination Shock. This is a concept dreamed up by people who want to make us scared to stop CE one is has begun, or once they have admitted it is happening, if you take our position. Oddly there is disagreement in the movement, even among those we consider complicit in current programs, so this will be very interesting.

The whole of the afternoon will be crucial listening again for us. one of our accusation is that the entire CE ruse is designed to usher in a form of pro to world governance system. We got wind of this at Berlin last year and have shouted very loudly about it at every opportunity since, so we will be listening very carefully to see if the ruse is still on course or if they have decided to back off or change tactics on this aspect of the CE movement.



Day 3 Thursday

Loads of interesting stuff on the final day. 09:20 We are looking forward to hearing Duncan McLaren speak again. We found his talk very interesting at Cambridge. We have also secured an interview with him. 11.10 We will no doubt hear yet more emphasis put on the fact that Aerosol Injection from aircraft is the only viable, affordable and effective way of protecting us from the sun.

The afternoon sees more of the wide spectrum global discussion which is one of our areas of interest and where we need to listen very carefully to pick up clues as to what is being planned and how. When dealing with a subterfuge of this magnitude it is important to try and understand the mindset of those behind it so as to try to predict what they are planing.

Day 4 Friday

We have spoken to Ulrike Bernitt a lot in the past few weeks as we tried to negotiate attending, filming, presenting our poster and hosting a session at the event. Sadly despite our impeccable behaviour at Cambridge our contributions were not welcome at this event so we will not be presenting our poster or hosting a talk. This is a real shame as we hope to have some interesting results to reveal to the world by then.

We will be recording our comments of the event though and summarising it at the end and making a film about the entire event as we did with Cambridge.

If we can think of a way to do it we might try to webcast something but consider that this is a scientific research symposium, and unlike Berlin Potsdam last year, not likely to have any highlights as such or produce and groundbreaking events we can report on. This is more about listening very carefully to the science and debate and trying to make sense of their arguments, so we can challenge them and try to force them to admit that CE is happening already and is incredibly destructive.

Keep tuned and we will update you all as and when we know more.