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Cambridge SRM Poster

Cambridge SRM Poster

By on Mar 6, 2015 in blog | 0 comments

Today we released our poster for the Cambridge SRM Symposium which will be put on display at the event.

We will be accompanying the poster with assorted leaflets to ensure everybody there knows exactly what is really going on in our skies.

We must be wary of the introduction of a state of emergency. Under a state of emergency governments can act with impunity to introduce draconian measures and further restrict our freedoms. If we allow the perceived threat of global warming to be used to foster the mindset of climate emergency then not only do we risk the introduction of unapproved, unregulated and unaccountable climate engineering programs, we also risk the very fabric of our democratic society.
All the evidence to date suggest that current climate engineering programs are harmful. Once they are officially introduced it will be very hard to stop them.







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