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Climate Emergency – The real reasons we need to be scared of it

Clive Hamilton is what you might describe as one of the global Climate Engineering agitators, and part of a small clique of so-called ‘scientific advisers’ and climate alarmists, who acts primarily for the major globalist corporations that are behind the current Climate Engineering programs. He claims they are only just starting to become interested in the topic but we know that not to be true from patent records and investment records, Bill Gates being a prime example who has patents on associated technology and has invested $100m in Synergy Group, a company we suspect to be part of the overall structure of the current Climate Engineering program.

Here is an interesting video that shows Clive Hamilton in action peddling the disinformation needed to justify the introduction of Climate Engineering. Surprisingly the so-called ‘facts’ at the beginning were not challenged by the presenter, rather just rolled out unquestioned.

We need to realise the game here, which can be simplified and summarised as such:

Climate Engineering (atmospheric aerosol spraying) is designed to warm the planet and increase CO2 by spraying stuff into the sky, so they can then say they need to save us from warming and rising CO2 by spraying stuff into the sky !

CO2 levels reach 400 ppm

The following video pretty much proves where our CO2 is really coming from and backs up our claim that this is all a hoax. It cannot be credibly claimed by anyone that CO2 is the result of transport pollution and a few factories in China when we see this type of activity in our skies.

Reading Between The Lines of CEC14

The real underlying messages we got from reading between the lines of CEC14, seem to be the same as those peddled in the first video, but also with all the other talks by others in the same clique such as David Keith and John Shepherd:

1 – Propose lots of assorted techniques, but discredit them all except atmospheric spraying, leaving it as the only viable option (a theme running through all the events we have attended by David Keith, John Shepherd, and CEC14)

2 – Continue to exaggerate and instill fear into the public so as to foster the urgency of the impending climate emergency to try to bring to a head the need for a solution. This will result in the ability to introduce Climate Engineering without sufficient  experimentation or public consultation, which is essentially what is needed, because public approval is very unlikely to ever materialise.

3 – Talk endlessly about the problems of governance, so as to allude to the fact that if we are to be able to manage a program of this magnitude, it would be disastrous unless we can manage it on a global level.  17:45 on the video.

So from these points we could summarise that the organisations who are trying extremely hard to introduce Climate Engineering are private global corporations, who wish to control our weather for reasons that cannot realistically be linked to any natural cause or solution, and who wish to introduce a system of global governance. We could even go so far as to suggest that the profiteering from weather control and prediction is secondary, and that the system of global governance is the ultimately goal here.  We think that is a very worrying scenario and one which people should be aware of when listening to any debate on this topic. Much effort is being invested into promoting the fear and urgency of the situation so as to be able to introduce a state of emergency, and again it seems to be led primarily by our media organisations, all owned and connected to the same people again, and the small clique of scientists associated with those corporations.

Are we there yet?

So we hope you are starting to understand our viewpoint and warning about this very serious situation. Professor Konrad Ott summed this up beautifully during the talk we attended on the Thursday at CEC14 titled Climate Emergency: Science Framing and Politics (Part 2), when he warned “the introduction of a state of emergency is very worrying as it will enable governments to introduce emergency measures without public approval” (These are our words, but we think they reflect reasonably accurately what he said. We hope to post the audio from the session soon).

You can of course argue some or all of the points we raise, but we think you will in time, see the patterns repeated time and time again, with ever more dramatic language and fear-mongering. As you do, think carefully about the motives of those who are globe-trotting and promoting the Climate Emergency scenario. Then think about the airlines, Thai Airways, Condor, Turkish Airlines to name but a few, who are pumping thick black smoke into our skies over huge areas and who have been doing so for many years apparently. Those airlines are all connected at the top to these same people. Investigate for yourself, don’t take out word for it. This is a global corporate hoax of a magnitude never seen before.

Debate ?

Clive Hamilton, was at CEC14 with us, and was extremely unhappy about our leaflets being out on display. He was also unwilling to listen to our evidence in our presentation, or even speak to us, so we take that as a sign that he already knows exactly what is going on and does not want others to realise the truth behind what we see, which is that it is a financially and politically motivated attempt at introducing legalised weather control and the global governance needed to manage it. That governance will essentially be all the same players, the globalist billionaires and their ‘scientific advisers’, which of course, includes Clive Hamilton.

Here is a great article from The Guardian that described this clique quite well, and should ring alarm bells in even the most sceptical minds as to the true nature of what is unfolding.

The clique that is trying to frame the global geoengineering debate.

Ultimately is not concerned so much with who is doing what at the top and why, rather just making people realise that it is happening and bringing an end to it, as well as preventing this hoax from fulfilling its ultimate aim, which seems to be the introduction of a form of global corporate government that can play with our air and sunshine as it pleases without any need to consult the public. It is important for people to realise the background and undercurrents so they are better equipped to understand what is really being said in these so-called ‘debates’, though not much debating seems to be happening, and being able to distinguish between fact and propaganda. We hope this will be helpful in that process.


Further reading:

Clive Hamilton is the author of Earthmasters and Requiem for A Species. We have not read any of his books, but think the titles alone should indicate the mindset of this man. Interestingly, he has also written a book entitled Silencing Dissent.