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OWOW leaves no room for doubt

When we see 2 identical aircraft traveling across an entire sky at the same altitude, but one leaves a long trail which persists and the other either a short trail or no trail at all, we know something is going on. There really is no room for doubt here because there are no variables in the equation.



Engine type

All of the common passenger jets we now see in our skies use HBT – high-bypass turbofan – engines, so they all rely on the same technology for thrust. Leaving aside the fact that HBT engines do not emit enough moisture to form trails even in ideal conditions (-57 Celsius / 37,000ft), what we see makes no sense when we consider they are all the same engines, so there should be no difference in what we see being emitted by them.


All the aircraft we see in these images and film are below 25,000ft. Even with ground temperatures of 10 Celsius (it was more like 14-18 C) that would mean they could not be in temperatures of less than -35 Celsius.


The only other variable is humidity. We don’t feel it is a significant factor in the equation but it is used by some to try to confuse and undermine our claims, but if we see many aircraft traveling along the same trajectory, with repeated examples of one leaving a long trail and one leaving nothing, then we know absolutely that moisture is not a variable here, because if it were this simply could not happen. Every aircraft would leave intermittent trails in approximately the same places, and anyway, moisture levels really do not vary significantly on such a micro-scale, so we can discount this.


The only thing left is that some aircraft are adding something to the fuel or to the exhaust emissions. We feel it is the latter. We also had confirmation from BA’s chief engineer Rob Crew, that BA do not use any additives in their fuel. We think we can safely assume that is also the case for most commercial carriers in Europe.


Hat Trick

Incredibly we managed to capture a hat trick OWOW event.


Here are the stills of that event – 2 planes leaving no trail at all, and one Lufthansa 4 engined jet leaving a long persisting trail at exactly the same altitude. We know Lufthansa to be prolific sprayers over the UK. The final 2 images are close ups of that plane as it passed over.


That’s it. Nice and simple to understand and irrefutable we feel.

Once again we feel we can legitimately use the word BUSTED.