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Never wake a sleepwalker they say

So we are doubly mean because not only did we wake a few up we teased them and ruined their day, or worse. Georgie Porgie made the girls cry, well no tears today but almost.


Do do this at home

Today over London we have what we have termed a white-out. No induced Cumulus clouds, just a nearly uniform blanket of thin white smog that hangs in the sky at around 17-18,000ft. That’s too low for real Cirrus Cloud by the way.

So, walk up to someone on a day such as this and say, “excuse me, without looking up how would you describe the weather today?”

They will almost definitely respond, as did all 5 of our victims today, sunny.

Then ask them “without looking up still, what colour do you think the sky should be on a sunny day.

Blue, will come the answer as it did with all 5 of our victims today.

Then ask them to look at the sky and tell you what they see.


What followed was a mixture of confusion and shock. Responses ranged from grey to hazy to foggy, cloudy to err, ooh that’s weird. One said “yeh, that’s vapour trails”. So we duly explained that they were completely covering the sky, so did they think that was normal or acceptable? Well I guess there is a lot of air traffic came the response, but said in such an unsure way that it was evident the person was not conformable with what he was seeing or saying.

The fact is that people are simply not able to see this stuff until you point it out to them. We think we know why but we can’t explain it here.

The point of the exercise really is it snaps people out of the ‘dream’ that they are in. Because they perceive brightness and feel heat from the sun., they interpret that as sunny, but it is not actually sunny, the sun is merely breaking through, just about, a thin layer of ‘stuff’ sprayed from aircraft. People literally cannot see it until you point it out.

When we then explained that everything they could see was derived from emissions from aircraft the responses ranged from denial to utter shock and disbelief. The denial is interesting because fresh lines (persistent induced contrails) were clearly visible among the haze as aircraft passed over. This is simply too big and scary for some people to be able to deal with so denial and slipping back to sleep is the easiest option, a bit like when you are woken in the night by a worrying noise… it’s nothing, it’ll be fine… back to sleep.


Our experience to date though is that once some people have been woken up, they usually are not able to slip back into that dream and will be able to see this on a regular basis. Every little helps as they say. Until such time as our media have the courage or permission to tackle this issue, or we have the funds to take legal action to end it, this is one of the only ways we have to address it.

It is up to you how far you go into the conversation, but even just pointing it out is enough to make most people think about what is above them and realise that something is very badly wrong with the sky. We must be mean and do this. Whatever dream they are in as the walk around with a glow on their cheeks, we must be cruel-to-be-kind and interrupt it with the bitter reality.

They say critical mass is 10%. Lets hope we are not too far from that figure.

Please get out there and ruin someone’s day.