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Visual – Just Look Up !

The simplest and most obvious way to see what is going on is simply to look at the sky.

Things have become so bad now that the sky is a streaky hazy mess almost every day now. Quite how people fail to realise that something is really badly wrong amazes us. Even older people who grew up with beautiful blue skies and long summers seem somehow to assume our skies have always looked this way.


Lets have a look at some images from skies taken from around the UK over the past year. This is just a tiny fraction, as we have literally hundreds. Hopefully by the time you reach the end of the gallery we will have reached you and wont have to explain further.




Feel free to explore the rest of the website, suffice to say that these images alone should be enough to convince you that we really must take action to stop this program in its tracks. Nothing else is more important which is why we have spent a year and tens of thousands of £s bringing this information to you.

Nothing is more fundamental to our lives than sunshine and the air we breath. Even if the trails we see were really caused by condensation, as claimed by those behind the programs, that in itself would be a serious enough issue to warrant action to divert aircraft away from populated areas, but instead we get stonewalled by government and the organisations that are supposed to regulate our skies and air traffic. Again, that is highly suspicious in itself. If a natural phenomenon were to become a national concern, government would talk about it. We know now that the trails are not natural at all and are, in fact, the first signs of the proposed Climate Engineering programs that have been discussed for over 20 years now by the organisations behind what we see. The simple fact is they knew we would not agree to them, so they did it anyway.

That is unacceptable.

The Look-Up Team