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Black trails – incontrovertible proof

The word incontrovertible is used all too often, but in this case it is entirely justified

Campaigners and activists desperate to convince sleepy Mr. & Mrs. average to wake TF up and question what they see often use the word. It is not wrong to do so as invariably they know they are right and are simply trying to emphasise what they are saying.

In this case, however, we feel we are entirely justified to use the term incontrovertible proof, because there is nothing anyone can say that can explain what we see, no matter how hard they try, except the truth… which is clearly that something, probably fossil fuel and probably raw diesel, is being pumped from a commercially liveried jet into the its exhaust plume to create huge trails of combusted diesel fumes.

Even the disinformation websites such as Metabunk and Contrail Science that specialise in convoluted pseudo-science to try to debunk anything they consider to be sensitive were not able to explain this one away.

The best they could do was to suggest the trials were black because they were in a shadow lol. Even my son, who was 8 at the time laughed and said there was nothing between the sun and the trail so how can it be a shadow, and anyway common sense tells us that even if it were in a shadow, no aircraft could ever produce such thick black smoke unless something was going on.

In a funny way the fact that even tried to debunk it worked in our favour because even hardened sceptics could see very clearly this was not natural, normal or benign.

We shall stop there as no more needs to be said really. This is conclusive. The world’s most clear evidence that commercial jets are being used to alter the atmosphere by discharging something into it. We will explain it in more detail in time, but in the mean time just watch and allow the jaw to slowly drop. Personally I still get shivers down my spine every time I watch this even after 2 years.


The film is titled Smokers for obvious reasons