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How you can help

You have already taken the first step to helping simply by being here and reading this website. Knowledge is power, especially if you use it wisely.

The second thing to do is to assess how important this subject is to you; everybody reacts slightly differently when they first  become aware of it. We feel stopping Solar Radiation Management – SRM – is the single most important challenge we have ever faced and that nothing else matters until we have put a stop to SRM and prevented the approval of the proposed programs, but that may be because we have been here for some time and understand the deeper implications of what we see. We can’t expect everyone to suddenly jump in and feel as passionately as we do. We all have different lives with varying amounts of time, money and energy to give. Even if you are busy and have little time or budget, you can help a lot simply by making others aware of what is going on. The point of this website is partly to raise awareness. We, the people, have great strength in numbers, both psychologically and in terms of what we can achieve.

The list below is presented in order of the simplest and cheapest methods of contributing to raising awareness. Those who feel very strongly about the subject and who have time and money to contribute will likely want to take steps suggested further down the list, but whoever you are and whatever you decide to do the most important thing to remember is that every little helps. The more people become aware the more chance there is of us being able to change things and stop this insane program.

If you need any help or advice on any of the suggestions, or if you have any suggestions you would like to make that you feel may be useful to us and others, then please feel free to contact us.


Simple things you can do from home and for free


Read up on the subject on this website

Be aware that there are other websites that exists purely to give disinformation or to try to convince you that Climate Engineering is not happening and anyone who believes it is mad or paranoid, which is why we suggest this website is the best source of information. We came up with a great analogy recently called the Fred the Tramp Analogy. Fred the tramp used to sit on the bench in London and drop painkillers in his super strength lager. He would tell us stories about how he used to be a scientist and discovered cures for things, but was discredited and bankrupted. None of us believed a word he said, but we smiled and occasionally joked with him and about him afterwards. As a far as I remember nobody set up websites to discredit him, made spurious accusations about him on Facebook, called him names or tried to discredit him seriously to others. Nobody would bother investing large amounts of time or money into trying to prove what he said was lies, because there seemed no point. So when you look at highly organised and well presented website that deal simply with the process of trying to debunk evidence that shows illegal activity, one should question their motives and indeed, their very existence. Why bother? If we really were mad and paranoid one would expect them to simply laugh and ignore us. Metabunk is a prime example. If you go there, consider this when reading their stuff. Read more here.

There are also other dubious websites that claim to be campaigning to stop this but they mix it up with crystals, aliens, aromatherapy and all sorts of other stupid nonsense, which is not helpful to anyone and has the very deliberate effect of encouraging you to dismiss the topic as alternative nonsense.


Tell people about it

In any way you can. Not just friends but strangers you meet in queues or on buses and trains, slip it into conversation. It is human nature to feel shy about broaching a subject such as this, especially with people you don’t know, but as you do so more and more you will realise that most people are actually very interested and concerned. We all love sunshine and most people have become aware of the fact that our weather and skies are no longer as they should be, even if it is on a subconscious level, but have no idea why, and often simply don’t have the time or inclination to question why. As a result most people are primed to want to know more about this subject. If they are introduced gently to the subject they will often react well and go away and think about it and will often try to seek more information at some point. The name of this site is designed to be easy to remember. Try and point them here so they can get the initial knowledge and information they require to follow in your footsteps. Fear of ridicule is a powerful weapon of those who are doing this to us. They have invested a lot of time and money into trying to make this subject appear to be a conspiracy theory, and to associate it with all the negative things that come with such ground. The best approach is to keep your initial discussion with people very simple and contained. Planes are  making clouds that are blocking our sunshine. It’s that simple and can be observed by anyone on almost any day. That is a very powerful message. They will often ask all the questions you did, that are addressed on the FAQs, but again it is best to keep things simple at first and simply say that “nobody is certain exactly why, but they are definitely doing it, and it is definitely bad, and they shouldn’t be doing it. If you want to know more go to, and you can read up on it”. If you encounter the ‘conspiracy theory’ reaction, just remind people that this is visible in our skies nearly every day, so it cannot be referred to as a ‘theory’, but only as a ‘visible reality’.

Good luck, and remember. we think the 2017 Climate Engineering Conference will be the springboard for official SRM programs to begin, so we don’t have long to try to stop this happening so as to avert the possibility of it being introduced officially, after which we will find it very hard to come back from, so don’t be shy!


Don’t write or email, but actually go and visit your MP and those from other organisations

Your MP or to the BBC, MET Office, CAA or individual Airlines

Writing or emailing won’t actually change anything in the short terms, as many MPs have been directed to respond to this subject with a pre-formatted letter, supplied to them by someone at ministerial level, that states everything we see is normal and has always been there. A bit stupid really as we clearly know it isn’t and hasn’t. What this will achieve though is to ensure they know that more and more people are waking up and are not happy. This will force them into a position where they will have to either admit it, and hence seek our approval, or stop it. Either scenario is an improvement on what we have now. Because of the standard response letter we get from MPs it is better to go and see them. Don’t say what it is about, simply state an environmental issue, and then when you are there grill them face to face and record it. This way we will have these people on record squirming and probably lying to us. Again in the short-term it will achieve nothing but in the long terms it may allow us to prosecute those who failed to act in the interests of their constituents or who knowingly deceived the public and so were complicit in what we regard as a crime against humanity. The same applies to other relevant organisations. It will be harder to secure face-to-face appointments with them but recorded telephone conversations re just as good and will provide evidence in future legal cases.


Use Facebook to publicise the subject

Facebook is awash with pages run by airlines. The BBC has many pages, one for almost ever regular program. If you  FB-LIKE these pages you will get updates, on which you can post comments. If you see a reference to the weather you might decide to comment that “the weather forecast is based on falsified information” for example. You might wish to say “When is the BBC going to admit Solar Radiation management is happening now and report on it?”. You can post links to articles and websites such as this. We do strongly suggest you refrain from being offensive. The last thing we need is to be branded a bunch of loonies, and they will grab any opportunity they can to do so, so keep your comments brief, intelligent, informative and polite.

Since originally posting this we have realised that Fakebook, as we now call it, has allowed the UK government, or army to be precise – in the form of the 77th Brigade, an entire 1500 strong army department dedicated entirely to trolling on Fakebook, a back door so they can manipulate and control the flow of information on this topic. We spent £thousands promoting this information until we hired a firm to analyse why we re getting no response and it transpires nobody was actually seeing it, hence our new name, Fakebook. Despite this if you are new to the topic it is still worth telling people on your friends list about this. You might be surprised how many have hard about it and are as concerned as you. Eventually posts about SRM get filtered but initially you will likely succeed in reaching new people which is what they are most worried about.


Get your voice heard on the radio or on TV chat shows and phone ins

– Contact your local Cable TV channel or radio station. If they wont listen to you on the phone then email them. if the won’t reply then phone in to chat shows and mention it in passing… call about whatever the subject happens to be and then drop it into the conversation.. “… I know yes, I agree… but just digressing slightly has anyone noticed the sky is full of streaks nowadays that never used to be there? I heard they are spraying stuff into the sky to try and control the weather….” by this point you will probably have been cut off, but job done. You get the idea; use your imagination. Seriously this is no time to be shy… if we don’t stop this soon we could be in a whole lot of trouble.

A recent example of a successful call was someone calling LBC during a program about air pollution and saying that our toxic air was the result of SRM programs and mentioned our website. The host became noticeably agitated and made an excuse to cut the call short but job done !

LBC is a great place to do this as it has a global online audience as well as the London-based radio listeners.


If you have more time and can be a bit more active:


Form a local group of campaigners.

Fakebook can be used for this purpose, but as we described in the section above it is riddled with trolls and so can be very disheartening and confusing for people new to the topic. Often your new page will attract people who do not live locally and who join simply to ridicule and undermine.  The best thing to do is get a bunch of local people you know well and get out there and leaflet. Think of other ways to spread the word also, with banners or convincing other local groups to carry a logo or message about the subject on their publicity material. Use your imagination.



Look-Up can help with the design of your leaflets if you carry our logo on them. We may also have another batch of our own done this summer which you will be able to buy.

In the mean time just print your own, even if it is simple. Give them out at supermarkets, train stations, village fairs, farmers markets, school gates, cinemas or anywhere else where people are not in a hurry. Queues are a great place to leaflet as people can’t get away, and they have a few moment to be willingly distracted anyway.



We are occassionally criticised for this aspect of what we do but seriously, airlines are illegally spraying chemicals into our skies which block our sunshine ! What is worse, spraying a dire warning on a billboard or wooden hoarding or spraying unknown and potentially harmful chemicals into our skies that make clouds and block our sunshine. One thing we do always say is NEVER damage private property or public buildings. Bridges, billboards, roads, cash-points (technically private but hey, use a marker pen). This is no time to be shy. If we don’t stop this we will be in so much trouble so a bit of graffiti will seem inconsequential.



If you have a budget and want to help:


Film the sky

Buy a Brinno TLC Pro time-lapse camera and film the sky every day, posting the films to Youtube or Vimeo. These are incredibly simple to use and the files are ready-made films, no editing or processing or knowledge of cameras needed. Time lapse is the most effective way of making people realise what is going on our skies. People are so busy and occupied by their phones, partners, jobs, cars hair nails, papers, etc that they claim they don’t have time to look at the sky. The one thing everybody does have time to do it seems is watch stuff on Youtube, and people are disproportionately influenced by film so it is a great way to reach people. Give them something constructive to see.

Watch this film. I don’t know a single person who has watched this and was not utterly convinced that something was very badly wrong.


Advertise this site

Put a banner up on your window, shop front, balcony, exterior wall. Spray our logo onto your van or lorry. Anything that gets this website’s name out there and people reading. there are a multitude of other similar things obviously. just contact us and we can provide any artwork you need. please email or use the contact form. If we don’t reply it means we have not received the message. It happens a lot, so phone us instead. +44 7 956 333 656. We answer all calls and texts.


Organise a local talk

Organise a talk in your local area. We are now offering to do talks in your area, so as to come and answer questions. The idea is to have deeper discussion on the topic, but also to help you form local groups that can then take action and carry out research. We do not charge for these talks, but ask that you cover the cost of the space.

Donate towards legal action

If you have money to donate then we desperately need funds to carry out projects that we feel could really bring an end to this situation. There are now thousands of people looking and watching and talking about it, but Look-Up is the only organisation with solid plans to take legal action against those perpetrating these programs.


Invest in a brighter future

Donate Now


Anything else you can think of. We often campaign as well so just get in touch if you can help or if you think we can help you do something.


Private corporations do not have the right to spray chemicals unknown into the air we breathe

Private corporations do not have the right to block our sunshine

Private corporations do not have the right to control or affect our weather in any way

Together we can beat this.

Thank you.

The Look-Up Team