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Brighton 21-23.8.15

Once again we have been out there in the real world and meeting real people. Remember folks that Fakebook will never change anything, you need to get out there with leaflets and talk to people face to face.

As a result of promoting this campaign in the real world we have achieved as many signatures for our e-petition in 10 days as we did in an entire year last time relying on Fakebook, despite spending thousands of £s promoting it. Need we say more. By this morning we had given out nearly 750 flyers, and our e-petitions had risen by over 120 signatures in just one day. We are still here plugging away despite rainy this morning.

This is the 4th time we have rocked up in Brighton, or Hove Actually, to persuade the people that what they see in their skies in not natural at all. This time we were armed with the new flyer containing the link to the new e-petition, but also the latest MET Office publication An Introduction To Clouds, which contains in the region of 40 cloud types, most of which derive from substances sprayed from aircraft. We will expand on this in another article coming soon in which we pick apart the inconsistencies with what the MET Office claim are natural clouds and what the actual reality is. The fact they are not acknowledging the link between these new cloud types and aircraft ’emissions’ is damning evidence that suggests that the clever chaps at the MET know exactly what is going on but will not admit it.

It is very useful to have this printed and bound on our table as we can refer to it when trying to explain to people that most of the cloud we now see in our skies derives from substances sprayed from aircraft. The above images are a perfect example. All 3 images are the result of spreading persistent trails sprayed from aircraft. We have film and time-lapse to prove this so why are these cloud types not refered as aviation-clouds or named more appropriately as Altocumulus Aviatis or Altocumulus Airbusticus !

Why Brighton ?

We love Brighton for many reasons. Firstly it is a great place to wake up when sleeping in a van, despite the noisy road. Secondly the people that live here are, on the whole, intelligent and open-minded, and therefore willing to consider the information that we present objectively. Thirdly, we encounter people of all walks of life and from right across the South East of England which is a very effective way of reaching people as far and wide as possible. Last, but by no means least, we have a big open sky to point to; no matter what weather we encounter there is almost always something to point to that we can refer to in the context of our campaign.

Please support us

So folks when you donate, which very few have so far this is where your money goes. Endless hard work, countless hours of admin, fuel, parking, lots of professionally produced promotional material, running the website, equipment… the list goes on.

Look-Up is not about running just a Fakebook page and regurgitating information from other sources, we are the source of much of that information. Others in the awareness movement follow our information, adopt our terminology and methods and re-distribute our information to others. We carry out real world investigations and are moving ever closer to revealing the entire game of those perpetrating one of the biggest environmental crimes ever. We are also maintaining a presence at all the scientific events and producing reportage documentaries so as to give the public a well-produced window into the secretive world of Climate Engineering.

When push comes to shove we will be the ones there in the dock giving the evidence that will hopefully bring an end to this madness, prevent the introduction of officially approved Climate Engineering programs and ensure those responsible for attempting to subvert society into accepting what amounts to corporate control of our weather are brought to justice.

Please support us. What we do is both expensive and time-consuming. The editor of this site would much rather be spending time with his autistic son than standing on the seafront for 3 days at a time, but sadly without funding this is the only effective and affordable way to reach people. With more funding we can launch an advertising campaign and enlist others to help with campaigning and cover many places simultaneously, speeding up the entire process.

As always, if you do nothing else please, please sign the e-petition and encourage others to do so too, but of course do not rely on Fakebook !

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