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Look-Up now relies entirely on donations. We need help funding legal action against UK airlines as well as other campaign projects… is now at the stage where we need your help for the final push over the next year or two. Sadly I have now exhausted all my capital running this campaign for the past 4 years. We know what’s going on, we can prove it and we know how to stop it. All we need to do is raise enough money to get this into court.

Please give as much as you can afford. 100% of all donations go towards the work we do.

Sunshine and the air we breathe are fundamental to our lives, our health and our happiness. How dare private corporations mess with our weather and contaminate the air we breathe without our knowledge and consent.

How we manage donations

General fund

We have a general donations method which is not assigned to any specific project. This money will be used to maintain the website and campaign as a whole. If the money accumulates we will put some into projects that fall short of targets.

Donate to our general fund via BACS

Community Banking


Sort Code: 60-02-09

Account Number: 60657251

Look-up is registered as a not-for-profit environmental organisation.

All donations are very gratefully received, but recurring payments are the most beneficial as they allow us to plan ahead and launch more ambitious projects.

Specific project donations

We have our various projects listed on our projects page, each of which has a donations button. If you are interested in supporting a specific project you can donate to it exclusively. We reserve the right to move money around if needs be but we will try to fund things this way so you know where your money goes.

We will publish all our project and financial activities so as to be transparent how the money is used. To read more about this please see our constitution.


Current projects

Climate Engineering Conference 2017 – Documentary Feature Film – Target £25,000

Campaign Trailer: Target £6000

Legal action: Judicial Review of the London Air Quality consultation Target £20,000

Heathrow Investigatory Project – Target £8,000

To read more about these and previous projects, and to DONATE, visit our Projects page


All donations are subject to UK tax and are declared in our end of year accounts.