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September 1983…

Some time ago David Cameron made a speech to the Australian Parliament. Hot on the heels of his address to the UN, once again our Prime Minister has indicated that his government are intent on associating all people who question anything the government says as extremists. Once again the threat is thinly veiled with Islamic and terrorist terminology, but as before, the true nature of the message is abundantly clear to those with their eyes and ears open to what is really being said.

They will not tolerate the truth being exposed. How dare we undermine the official line put out by the government and their media. How dare we try to seek the truth, the real truth, about what is unfolding in our skies and on the ground, and in the darker corridors of power.

How dare we. We are terrorists. We will be punished.

Interestingly, as we said last time we addressed this issue, Mr Cameron, and probably most others have failed to see the contradiction in this situation. It is he who is attempting to undermine our free society and destroy our values and freedoms. It is he who is attempting to impose an unwelcome ideology, that of fear and control, on the British people. It is he who threatens our way of life. It is he and his ideology that should be brought to justice. To most moderate thinkers this may indeed sound like the irrational rantings of an extremist, but think carefully about what we are saying and it makes complete sense. The British way of life, and all it’s associated moderate thinking and customs has been attacked relentlessly, but not by Islam or immigrants, but by the establishment, including our media, as it they seek to impose ever more draconian measures to, supposedly, combat the perceived threat of terrorism.

It is interesting to note that  the first of this series of WW2 posters was promoted widely, but the second one is a far more appropriate interpretation of the current situation.


Freedom of speech, privacy and civil liberties generally are under great threat from a Prime Minister that seeks to remove them all as fast as possible and impose what can only be described as a fledgling police state. Remarkably, he made little effort to disguise this intention in his speech to the UN, but this time he is less blatant. He does, however, contradicts himself later in the speech with endless romanticism about our history of free speech, free trade, the rule of law and other general rose-tinted nonsense. He is saying 2 things at the same time. Maybe he was told off for being too obvious at the UN and giving the game away.

Again, to the average person this may seem absurd, but look and listen carefully to the wording of his more recent speeches and beneath all the flouncy assurances they bear all the hallmarks of a man driven by bitter determination to ‘clamp down’. The problem is that the clamping down, though presented as measures against others to protect us, is actually the opposite. All the measures he is trying very hard to introduce are restrictions on OUR freedoms. Freedoms of speech, movement, and communication and even on what we think. At a recent COBRA meeting Mr Cameron was trying to convince the academic society to help him be able to monitor all email traffic, even that contained on people’s computers, rather than the current ability of GCHQ to intercept all in-transit email traffic. So we see all the rhetoric about freedom is complete nonsense. It was even reported widely in the press that the Conservatives want to make it illegal to communicate by any means that is not monitored by the authorities. That is it in a nutshell really, our government want to know everything about everyone. It is easy to fall into the trap of “well if you have nothing to hide then why are you worried?”, but then we should consider that this will include monitoring those who try to expose corruption, illegality, or in our case, mass deception and crimes against humanity (if we are proved to be correct about out theories). The crux of the matter is really that not only will they listen to what we are saying and thinking, but they will act and silence. Let’s remember that one of the worlds most notable climate engineering protagonists, Clive Hamilton, has written a book Titled Silencing Dissent !

If we allow Mr. Cameron to get his way over the next few years this article alone would probably result in the editor being imprisoned as an ‘extremist domestic preacher’ and prosecuted under new terrorism laws in a secret court and imprisoned, possibly indefinitely, on the grounds that he has incited civil unrest by questioning the government line on a particular subject. This scenario is literally round the corner, not in some distant, dystopian nightmare. If Mr. Cameron is re-elected, we will see the gradual hammering in of the final few nails that will ensure their total and utter control and power over pretty much everything we cherish. Perhaps what he is saying is that we can have free speech and freedoms, but only if we behave and toe the line. Obviously you can’t crack down on fundamentalism and have true free speech so someone, somewhere is lying.


On a more general note, fear of a climate emergency, disease and terrorism are all being used in unison to scare us into accepting these draconian measures. There are obvious parallels between the terrorist and climate threats. They create a problem, they then get us all to get behind that problem to encourage us to shout a lot about something that cures or argues against that problem, but in fact what we are shouting about allows them to do something we have not considered. Of course we can’t then object because we all shouted so loudly and asked for their help. This is the theme running through all of the  political maneuvering that is going on at the moment.

Terrorism: they have rolled out all the stars to say “Je Suis Charlie”. We see that as “we support free speech”. It is in fact a subtly saying “we don’t like Islam and are scared of it”. This then re-enforces their argument to remove our rights and freedoms so as to protect us against this perceived threat, which is exactly the opposite of what we are shouting about.

Climate: they create the threat of global warming. We have fake people like Russel Brand rallying us to march against the inactive governments because they are failing to act (deliberately) under the banner of people power, so of course we all get behind him and shout at the governments. “Do something. Save us from [the] climate catastrophe [that they invented].” Well of course it would be rude of them to refuse so they diligently set about implementing measures to legalise climate engineering and restrict freedom of speech, movement and communication, ad just for good measure, introduce monitoring of ALL communication methods.

It is also interesting to note that Mr. Brand is encouraging young people not to vote on the grounds it serves no purpose, and indeed it would be an act of rebellion, but if we think about this, the young and rebellious are likely to vote for other parties, certainly not Conservative, so we see a subtle campaign to silence any objection to Mr Cameron being re-elected, so he can continue his program of dismantling democracy and free speech.

Are we there yet?


This tactic of encouraging us to ask them to do exactly what they want is being repeated time and time again, right in front of our eyes. We are like the tourist who play the cup and ball game on the streets of London. We think we know where the ball is but every time we have been fooled and lose our money.

Please. We urge you all to listen carefully, read between the lines and think very carefully about what is happening. We MUST wake up to this trickery and resist any further incursion on our free society. If we give up e  we will reach a situation where we have no power left and will be simply at their mercy. This is, of course, where we think we are heading, or more appropriately being led. There will then be no way back and democracy will have gone forever. The Poli-Comm mafia will have wrapped us up in silk with no chance of escape and will proceed to suck the life out of what is left of our great and beautiful society.



Read the full speech on the Downing Street website here.